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Career Kanegan goes Strikerless - One Season (Challenge Complete)


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So, since i have played quite ahead in my current TT save, just thought i will try the one season strikerless challenge in meanwhile after seeing lot of interest in it lately.

Of course, chosen club is:



And players chosen are:


Season will be posted in a couple of days.

Wish me luck guys.

Edited by Kanegan
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1 hour ago, Ian said:

Nice players, best of luck!


23 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Great choice of players, good luck!


2 minutes ago, Cereal Killer said:

good luck man :]

Thanks guys.

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Halfway Update

So, we are halfway into the season so just thought i would post an update.

As you know, these are the three players chosen:





Won the Trophee des Champions comfortably via a brace from Draxler who filled in for the injured Asensio:



Sane with the only hattrick of the season so far:



League Performance


So, we are unbeaten halfway into the season with 17 wins and 2 draws but we have just not been able to score that many goals.

League Points + GD = 53+34 = 87 points



Pretty underwhelming. He got injured for a month early in the season and has just not recovered since then.

Asensio = 6+4 = 10 points




Pretty much the all-round star of the show here scoring and assisting in equal measure.

Sane = 15+14 = 29 points




Pogba has been banging them for fun with a 0.88 GPG. This is the man we would like to see on field and not the pansy Man Utd one

Pogba = 24+10 = 34 points


Total Points = 87+10+29+34 = 160 points and counting


Hope to grab some big points next month as the French Cup starts.

Thank you for following and stay tuned for full season update. Any feedback is appreciated.

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12 minutes ago, smoggy90 said:

Pogba is awesome there mate, looking good so far and good luck for second half of season.

Thanks mate. Pogba has been brilliant so far and hoping he continues the same way.

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9 minutes ago, Ian said:

A nice half season and they look well poised to carry that on to the second half of the season. 

Thanks mate. Season has been played and will be posted soon. Though it's not a world beating score, I am happy with the results. 

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3 hours ago, Foxy said:

Nice first half of the season and well on for a 300+ score which is always good in this challenge.


1 hour ago, Woody said:

Great start mate. Should be an excellent score.


2 minutes ago, Rob said:

Going to be a cruncher if a score this.

Thanks guys. Season should be posted in a little while.

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Season Update

Firstly, the transfers



Mbappe, Neymar and Veratti were exchanged along with a bit of cash to bring in Pogba, Asensio and Sane. Cavani and Choupo-Moting were sold off.

Season Performance


Season was brilliant. Went unbeaten in the league and had a clean sweep of trophies.

League Performance


Scored very few. Would have liked to score 100 goals in the league. The injuries kept messing throughout the season with Sane and Pogba missing some easy games.

League Points + GD = 110+69 = 179 points


Cup Runs







2 hattricks each for Pogba and Asensio while Sane takes the crown with 3.




Very very underwhelming. He dragged us down getting only 14 goals and 8 assists.

Asensio = 14+8 = 22 points




Pretty much the star of the show. He drove us throughout the season and always contributed.

Sane = 35+32 = 67 points




Pogba carried on his scoring throughout the season and missed 50 goals narrowly.

Pogba = 46+15 = 61 points

Total Points = 179+22+67+61 = 329 points

@Foxy, if you could add me to the leaderboard. A decent score considering my 1st attempt.

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11 minutes ago, Ian said:

Cracking score there on a difficult challenge! Well done. 


7 minutes ago, Foxy said:

Really good score that even if Asensio let you down.


Just now, Rob said:

Wonderful score mate.

Thanks guys. Yes, Asensio sucked but the rest of the two more than made it up. I might try to beat my score at a later stage.

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