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Career Another Strikerless season with Ajax


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I tried this challange with Fenerbahce and got 135 points

This time i m trying with Ajax


I sold all players with Green on striker Area and demoted players Who ı couldnt sell


My trio is Tadic on left, David Neres on right and Ziyech on centre. Screenshot_2019-09-09-20-55-15-668_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.jpg.1d5dff76e2ba44473a623b540699cb05.jpgScreenshot_2019-09-09-20-55-06-402_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.jpg.d916b2f0a3e0a06195e11175b5d565ed.jpgScreenshot_2019-09-09-20-55-12-314_football.manager.games_fm19.mobile.thumb.jpg.4df54746565aeb0ee71f8918e9d16ddb.jpg

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So, the season is over and i'm proud,


We won the Eredevise by winning 27 of 34 games and conceeded only 12 goals


Champions League

We eleminated Basel and Standard but were knocked out by SLB on Champions Cup Best Playoff



Finished the group on 1st place, Knocked out AEK, Milan, Bayer 04 but Inter knocked us out by aggrate on Semi Final


Dutch Cup

We lost to FC Utrecht on the Final


Let's look at the stats of our Trio

David Neres

I started retraining Neres as AMC on half of the season and he reacted well. He scored and 10 and had 9 assist on 47 games


Hakim Ziyech

He was vital, scored 25 and had 15 assist on 53 games


Dusan Tadic

He scored 25 also and had 14 assist on 42 games. he suffered from injuries.


So the final score is;

League Goal Difference: 41 Points

League Points: 85 Points

David Neres (10 goals, 9 assists): 19 points

Hakim Ziyech (25 goals, 15 asists): 40 points

Dusan Tadic (25 goals, 14 assists): 39 points

Total Points: 224 points


@Foxy can you put me on the list pls :)

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