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Chat Easily retrained player


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Is this normal? This player was generated a few seasons in and for some reason was orange or yellow in all positions so I was able to easily get him to green in all positions, impressive?


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It's not really impossible as yellowish shades are mostly very easy while orange shades are slightly harder but take only about half a season which will be able to accomplish by 5 season

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7 minutes ago, olamide123456 said:

But i mean how often is a player like that generated?

Not much but some players like Milner and Henrich could create regens like this though but if non-regen is quite rare to occur like 1:100

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1 hour ago, samhardy said:

I've only ever seen one before. It was a few years ago as well when retraining wasn't as easy as it is now.

Where do you play him? Great option off the bench :P

Usually CM but he’s a great backup LB/CB option aswell and as you said hes a perfect substitute.

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