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broodje kip

Best Midfield's, Defenders and Wingers

Hey Vibers,

Last time I did list of the best strikers in FMM 2019 and today I'm going to make the rest of the list which is Midfielders, Defenders and Wingers

Lets see what we got here




Quite and easy choices some of these like Havertz and Tonali who is undoubtedly the best Midfielders you could use in the first season while some though choice like Sander Berge and Florentino Luis who is not really that popular but a really reliable player

Next up,




Centre-backs are very hard to solve but I ended up choosing Ajer and Upamecano as first and second respectively as their growth are very impressive with a balanced attribute are the main reason them up top

While the LBs and RBs are going to see mixed of some older players here we got Bayern's Fullback duo up top while Zinchenko and Arnold on second

Zinchenko might create some disagreements among people but from my experience he's so good especially as IWB on your team

End the last part is....




And the last part is Wingers

Wingers has been the most important position for me so people said "Save the best for the last"

We got fan favorites Pavon and Dilrosun on top here (That's quite easy) while Douglas Costa missed the second spot to Lainez due to his age, Captain America spot was taken by English/Jamaican boy, Leon Bailey because Bailey's ability to be all three IF, W and AP

The rest are few choices that were made by my experience using some of this players😉

Thanks for reading this

Remember all of this is just my experience, some people might have some other opinions about the best choices

And also @Rob my 1kc is going to be made on October with some surprise for the end of the season

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