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Archie Graveluth

Chat Playing with hidden attributes

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Does anyone here usually play with the "hidden attributes" option selected? Was thinking that it would be interesting to play this way as a Conference North/South team that usually doesn't have a vast knowledge about the player base and that would force the use of scouts. It would be a nice twist to the usual gameplay. But I'm wondering if, as the club gets better (and promoted) if we have more players available with less hidden attributes. Anyone with this experience?

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I always used to do this, and I don't think it changes as you go up. I don't do it now cos when you search for specific attributes or combinations of attributes for a certain position, they won't show up on your search unless you've scouted them, which might be understandable but gets a bit restrictive...

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Yeah, I used to always do this, I really liked the reality of not knowing the attributes for every player in the world... But then when I started doing 1KCs etc, it just became too much of a restriction, especially when I noticed no-one else was doing it! :D 

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