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Career Football Manager Mobile 2019-Dalian Transcendence FC Win


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Good Evening All,


Choosing the team

I have chose this Chinese First league team more out of luck than choice, with me starting this chinese career unemployed. The club was only founded in 2013 & relegated in 2018. I was curious of the chinese league and wanted to test my management skills further in it.


Stadium and facilities

As seen above, Dalian now have below average training and youth facilities, with these being Basic prior to my appoinrment. There stadium is beautiful and seats over 30000 fans. As you can see, mixed thoughts about the clubs set up, the facilities are worrying and pose a real threat to our season success.


Holiday and assistant manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Finance and training

I arrived at the club with the staff being at the basic standard, The coaches & Staff were immediatly changed to being silver graded. I came into the club with £83m, Which is amazing, although due to the very poor quality of the squad, I spent over this amount improving the squad. The training was delegated to my Assistant Manager as per normal.



As per usual, I used my Tiki Taka tactic with Dalian FC.  Due to the high quality of incomming players and lack of quality from other teams, the tactic worked extremely well.Rounded up, We roughly scored 2 goals per match and only let in 1 goal from the opposition- We scored the most goals in the league whilst letting in the least.



The quality of the 'on loan' players filling up the squad when I arrived was awful, So I decided to release every single original player, which meant starting from scratch. As seen below, these are the players brought in with some 'filler' options but quite a few of very high quality for this league. The squad was now equiped to challenge for promotion but would take time and training to fully gel.


The result

My Season with Dalian Transcendance FC was very successful, Winning promotion to the Chinese Super League, Comming top of League one & getting to the final of the CFA Cup! We won the league by 6 points(2 matches) in what was a very challenging year, spending the majority of it in 2nd place. We had a 10 consecutive game run, a 6 game winning streak and 23 goals scored by the very good striker Melunovic.


Manager Stats


League stats



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8 minutes ago, SSolas said:

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:

Out of interest why do you have a “holiday stance” as in when do you actually go on holiday?

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