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Chat Do Managers matter


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I'm in the middle of my Milan save and the Premier League is going bonkers.

Leeds and Newcastle in the top 6! Out of curiosity I decided check who their managers and they turn out to be some of the least capable managers in the game.

For christ sake Buffon has just 1 tactical knowledge and yet Leeds sit in top 4. I'm guessing managers are just there for nuance in this game but don't have actual impact on the team






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I think it's unlikely the manager has much affect on how the team performs and if they do it's likely to only be at a very basic level (ie what's the ability of the manager, let's boost the team a little based on that).

I'm just guessing, but they need to keep things lite on the mobile version and that's the sort of thing that probably makes sense to cut out. 

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7 hours ago, Ashez said:

Buffon would have just inherited the ability and stats of a manager who retired at the same time. 

Still Buffon is just a 3.5 star manager. His tactical knowledge is nonexistent. How the hell is Leeds doing that well? In real life even if the teams are great they still need a good manager to get them to function/reach full potential (best example would be England during early 2000s)

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