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Chat Player Happiness and Game Time

Scouse Mouse

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AFAIK Player Happiness is a function of a) Squad status (so a "Key Player" needs more than "Back Up") and b) Game Time.  Is Game Time calculated by #starts or #minutes.  For example, if a "rotation" player comes on for the last 30 min of each game, but never starts, would they be happy? BustTheNet said for "full fat" that Key Players need 60%, First Team 50%, Rotation 40% of available minutes.  This excludes when they can't play, but includes when they are slightly injured (green cross).  Is this true for FMM also? 

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I’ve personally found that the game seems to take into account minutes per game for certain things and not for others. For example if I’m doing a goalscoring challenge I always wrap my goalscorer up in cotton wool and he basically gets subbed off at around the 65th minute every game and I’m pretty sure that prevents a load of injuries and helps keep him fresh. I happen to think when it comes to happiness about game time just any appearance even a minute as sub is enough to keep players happy that way. There’s been plenty of times when I’ve had a big squad and one or two will then moan about lack of game time and just giving them a few minutes as sub for a few games in a row has cured it.

So basically my belief is that the games uses minutes per game when it comes to player conditioning and just plain game appearances for players game time happiness. My opinion anyway which may be wrong as it’s not based on enough evidence.

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