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Chat BWM Attributes - Aerial

Scouse Mouse

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Ball Winning Midfielder (BWM) has the following description: "... main function is to close down the opposition and win the ball".

The following attributes are marked as "key":






I fully understand Tackling/Positioning.  And I'll give strength/decisions a pass.  But I don't get Aerial, at all.  The quintessential BWM IRL are Kante (France, Leicester, Chelsea under Conte) and Casemiro.  Neither are famed for their aerial prowess. I would have thought Aggression, Teamwork, and Stamina would be more important.   

What do y'all think?

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I would agree on aggression, teamwork and stamina but I also think that aerial is going to help simply because if a BWM is good in the air he has more chance of winning the ball back and protecting his defence but not sure it would be a primary attribute in that role.

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Aerial is linked to height (build?) isn't it? Which could give two added benefits. I'm assuming this since they changed the stat to aerial from heading which must mean it's more than just heading ability 

1. As @Foxysaid having height and being a physical presence will have its benefits, just think GKs into midfield. 

2. Being lanky can also be a decent trait for BWMs, take Fabinho for example who really puts his long legs to good use. 

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33 minutes ago, Scouse Mouse said:

 I looked at the attributes in the full fat version, and Aerial was not highlighted. 

Aerial in FMM is a combination of heading, jumping reach and the player’s height 

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I believe that aerial will be important when going againts oppoaition with long ball passing style and even some BWM are quite tall like Fernandinho, Busquets and Fabinho while some younger guy like Ajer and Ndidi are good in aerial either

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