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Career Mr. Griggs and British lads TT

broodje kip

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Welcome people.

I am Mr. Bryan Griggs reporting from London City Airport waiting for the arrival of the great manager Mr. Muhammad Danish who is coming back to his hometown after being in Portugal for 2 years as free agent after his resignation from the Portugese giant SL Benfica

He's reported to take charge one of the club in London but hasn't talked anything about this rumours yet!

Today we might be able to know wether this is true or just a baseless rumours after he said "maybe" then storm out rudely on his last press conference in Portugal which was held last Friday

there are a few clubs interested in getting his service as a manager like Chelsea and Arsenal whom had lost their manager last season and also Fulham are also interested to have him after being relegated last season while there's also a rumour about Spurs planning on getting their first trophy this century

Half an hour later

Here it is people!

Mr. Danish and his adopted daughter has arrived with their private airplane and we are going to try and get the answer here

Bryan are getting near Mr. Danish

Mr. Danish is it true you are coming back to England to sign a contract as a manager?



Mr. Danish I'm not leaving here without any answers!


Mr. Danish please answer one thing please only one answer (He begged like a small baby while Mr. Danish's daughter giggled a bit)


Thank you Mr. Danish (whipping his tears with some embarrassment on his face) 

That's all for today's news see you guys later

Hey everyone so which club will Mr. Danish joins? Will Mr. Griggs gets his answer? Why does Mr. Danish rejects Spurs offer?

Stay tuned for more

Edited by Lord Danish
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Later that evening

Mr. Griggs are sitting on a couch in his old cheap apartment wondering about the incident

(Why is he acting like that? He used to be a very calm person... everybody knows that even his players said that he's so calm that he has no worries when losing a final at halftime)

(Maybe he had some problem I guess...)

(But what problem could it be? He's only 27 like what kind of problem he could? He's not even married yet... hmphh...)

(Maybe I should forget it... I'm going to sleep)

The next morning

Mr. Griggs are going to buy some coffee before going to work

When he was queuing he saw someone he never expected

Mr. Danish?

"Owh Mr. Griggs hey there"

Wait?! You know my name?

"It was on your name tag"

Owh yeah I didn't realize that 😄 

"Hey I'm sorry about yesterday. It just that my grandmother just passed away and I just get to know when I arrived in England"

It's okay and I am sorry to hear that. By the way can I ask you something?

"Yeah sure lets take a seat first"

So why did you rejected Spurs offer?

"Spurs does look interesting but I'm looking for a team in crisis right now. If you wish to ask my next destination I'm not gonna tell yet but if you need to contact me here's my agent number"

Isn't this your sister?

"Well we trust family more than anyone else right?"

Yeah sure! I need to go now. See you later

Hey there!

So his next club is still a secret but at least we know why he rejected Spurs and what kind of club he's looking for

Remember Arsenal, Fulham and Chelsea are all in a big crisis

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Next Week

Welcome people it is 1st of July

We are here in the Manshesteer Bluenited studio watching the live stream that Mr. Danish made to announce his next club. He will also made a press conference to know about his plans for the future

A few minutes later...

It is Mr. Danish here and..........



He has signed for Chelsea FC which is his hometown club!!!!

Now the Q&A section is open lets be the first to ask it here....

*beep* *beep*

*beep* *beep*

Hello It is the Q&A of my press conference here you got three question here

Hello Mr. Danish, my first question is why you choose Chelsea for your first club in England?

Then we wanted to know what is your plan for the future?

Finally, What are your plan for Eden Hazard?

Interesting one! Firstly, I choose Chelsea because it was the club I used to watch with my grandmother before I even support Manchester City and seeing them in such a bad condition I know that my grandmother will love to see me rebuild them

My main plan is to get a player to score 1,000 goals during my time as manager

Finally Eden is not happy in London he will get the transfer he wanted

Thanks for your time

That's all for today goodbye people

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Hey Vibers,

I'm going to take charge of this thread from Mr. Bryan Griggs and lets see how it goes

The main man


It's the Irish starlet Troyyyy Parrottttt!!!!




Rebuild the whole team and get few decent value for players here


Some guy are not needed in our team


We are obviously not in the same level as Man City

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Excidently overwritten my saves so I changed my mind to do a TT instead

This TT will start on the second season because two guy were loaned out 


Season 1 is always a hard season with tons of players were loaned out left me with some deadwoods like Alonso and Azpilicueta so we need reinforcements:


Milinkovic-Savic and Goretzka came in to fill our CMs that demands alot

Davies going to be a great Left Wing Back for our team

Pavon doesn't need any explaination

Fullkrug going to be a good backup striker

Parrott is going to be our first striker for the TT

other transfer:


Loaning Bulka and Maatsen is just because they need to improve so that I can earn some profit in the future

Ampadu future John Terry

Parrott is somehow hard to be trained myself so I loanned him out to improve there

Season summary


Great form towards the end of the season clinch us right on the UCL spot


Won the Community Shield and Carabao Cup

Players Reveal

The screenshot are taken when they came back from loan


Abraham are quite old so this is going to be like this:

TT with Abraham, Odoi and Parrott (Main objective)

DT with Parrott and Abraham/Odoi(Sub objective)

1k with Parrott/Abraham (Main objectivr)

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