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Career Rob tried the Bad Boys challenge again: The End


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So I’ve had a go at this before, which you can find here if you’ve nothing more interesting to do with your life:

But I’d like to try it again. My target is to beat 500. I felt like I should have gotten there at SLB, but didn’t.

The main details of the challenge are here:

But in a nutshell you grab a Brazilian striker older than thirty and another younger than thirty. You play two seasons. Your score is league points plus goal difference plus goals from your duo.

I wanted a club with loads of games to rack up the league points and goals. Plus I wanted someone with a budget as the two seasons does not give you too much time.

I hate doing this, but I’ve gone for the obvious:


They just fulfil the criteria. 

Anyhow, as for the players, the best player of 30 in my opinion is this guy, who I was happy to sign:


As for the player under 30 I opted for this fella:


I have to admit I’ve never seen or heard of him before, but he suited what I wanted to do and looks excellent.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading! 

Edited by Rob
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4 hours ago, Woody said:

Nice picks Rob. Willian Jose was linked with Newcastle a few seasons back but fat Ash wouldnt pay the £16m to get him.

Best of luck mate.


4 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck mate! Nice choice of players. 

Cheers boys. I just want to get that 500. Drove me nuts that I didn’t get it last time.

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1 hour ago, Rob said:


Cheers boys. I just want to get that 500. Drove me nuts that I didn’t get it last time.

You will mate. I have faith 😉

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11 minutes ago, shosky said:

With those players' attributes, the crew and the financial muscle at PSG, I'm certain you will achieve the 500 target. Good luck

And my management skill.


And thanks @Woody. Ashley never buys anyone.

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Season One is done and dusted in my journey towards getting 500 minimum in this challenge. If you slice it down the middle, it means we need at least 250 this year.

Here are the transfers:



Without explaining each and every one of our transactions, I had a specific tactic I wanted to implement and I had planned which players to grab in and I managed to do that. Having the PSG double transfer budget obviously helps. The Mbappe sale was in January which allowed me to grab a few more key backups too, whilst also getting the monster Fullkrug.

Our first Cup was the Charity Shield, where a narrow 2-1 win included an opening goal for Adriano.


Next up was the League Cup. Adriano slammed the ball home five times in a comprehensive victory.


It wasn’t all plain sailing, as shown in our aggregate loss in the Champions League semi.


We absolutely dominated the second leg. It’s annoying because having the CWC in the second season would have been quite useful in terms of goals.

To almost mirror the aforementioned match, we also dominated the French Cup but lost on penalties.


Domestically we won the league convincingly. We lost one and drew six. That will need improving in season two.


The league points of 99 and goal difference of 82 does give us 181 points towards our score.

As for the boys, here’s how they looked at the end of the season:


Adriano has improved and regressed in equimeasure, which is weird. Jose has improved in a few key spots.

The lads did well with the goals.


Jose got 37. He assisted a lot too. 


Adriano got 43. This means the lads got 80 points between them, which I’m fairly pleased with.

So 181 and 80 gives us 261 points so far, which means we are on target for our 500+ total. A nice transfer budget and strengthening a few key positions should hopefully allow us to hit our targets comfortably.

Thanks for reading!

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9 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

i find it hard to cheer on anything French, let alone PSG, but i'll focus on Rob doing the samba to bring joy to my heart. 8/10.

Thanks, but the idea of doing the Samba frightens me! 

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(unlike spurs vs Leicester 😝)



Tbh if auba didn’t sign we’d be in the relegation spots


Edited by Gunners Rishi
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54 minutes ago, Gunners Rishi said:



(unlike spurs vs Leicester 😝)


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Tbh if auba didn’t sign we’d be in the relegation spots


Thanks. I’ve given up on EPL footy. 

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9 minutes ago, Woody said:

Thats an excellent 1st season and with some added muscle this could be dare i say it....a 600 pointer here! 😲

Well done mate.

Thanks Woodster, but no chance at 600! 

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Season Two and Final Results

To recap where we are, 261 points were obtained in season one which means I only need 239 to get my 500 target.

Whilst transfers in season one were a bit... uh... high in quantity, I tried to keep them smaller in season two.


Deadwood left. Pavon obviously didn’t leave twice, which is a standard SI glitch. These transfers, plus the budget Barcelona get, allowed me to invest in two of the best players to complete my squad.


VVD came straight in to my starting eleven. Pogba was, hilariously, signed as primary backup for KDB.

The first contested trophy was the Charity Shield. A pair of braces form Adriano and Fullkrug saw us home.


The League Cup was hilarious. I find it falls in to the wrong weekend in France and tend to play a weakened team, which quite frankly got destroyed.


But we took home the French Cup, which was a little bonus.


Jose won it for us.  Don’t look back in Angers, I heard you say.

We got to the Champions League Final, and lost despite dominating.


With regards to the Cups, I tried to play enough of a team to get us through but wasn’t too fussed if we lost finals. The quantity of games were all that mattered. 

This was our most interesting league match:


Dominated, but drew. The reason it was interesting was because it was the only game we didn’t win.


Playing my strongest team racked up the points and goals. 

112 league points and 93 goal difference gives us 205 towards our final score.

Before I get on to the main boys, I want to give an honourable mention to this fella:


He is a beast and acted as my main backup striker.


32 in 35 games in his second season, which is marvellous when you factor in the fact he wasn’t on penalties or free kicks.

This is how our main two looked at the end:


Adriano really declined; Jose not so much.


Jose got 32 goals. I really enjoyed using him. Adriano monstered it though, grabbing 54 goals. He was obviously my freekick and penalty lad.


This gives me 86 points for the strikers. Added this to the 205 league points and we get 291 for season two.

Added that to season one and we get a total of 552, which absolutely mullers my target of 500 and is a score I am delighted with.

@Foxy please can you add this to the leaderboard?  

Thanks for reading!

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