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Career Zaniolo hits Strikerless 1.5K (The End)

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6 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Tense times.. I still believe 👍 


4 hours ago, Ian said:

Hopefully he can do it next season or sign again. Great effort regardless.


2 hours ago, smoggy90 said:

Good luck mate, hopefully he gets them this season but if not hope he re-signs.

Thanks guys. Hope he does achieve it.

On other note, i forgot to mention, the last "real" player apart from Zaniolo retired in the 22nd season:


Donnarumma, our world class goalie for both Italy and Roma spent 12 seasons with us before retiring. So, now Zaniolo remains the only "real" player in our squad.

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So, now this is the final season as he is definitely retiring after this. Please bear with me for the long post.

Season 24 (The End)

Season History


After 22 straight Serie A titles, we finally lose one. But we won pretty much everything else.





We also lifted the Confed. Cup. Zaniolo scored in every final he contested.


He managed to win the Golden Boot in his last season after 6 years. What a player!!!


And this is his last match. Scoring against Brazil in the World Cup 3rd Round to send us into quarters where we lost to England.



Completed an incredible 23 seasons with Roma and Italy making his way into Hall of Fame:


Look at that!! I am the top ranked manager followed by Zaniolo and then the next 3 also belonged to me at Roma. 

So, we needed 37 goals to achieve the 1.5K. I made him play most of the matches even with worsening condition




Unbelievable!! He played his last season like his prime managing 49 matches and a massive 30 goals from it. Wow!! which meant we needed at least 7 international goals.


He fucking does it. 10 international goals meant he crossed the 1500 mark. Legend of Strikerless!!! Take a bow mate !!! Take a bow.





@Foxy, if you could add the following totals to the respective leaderboards:

1503 goals -> 1000 goal challenge and strikerless 1KC challenge

261 intl. goals -> 200 intl. goal challenge

313 assists -> Assist Challenge


Manager Profile & Trophy Cabinet



What satisfied me most was winning World Coach of the Year 15 times while Zaniolo picked up the Ballon D'Or 12 times.


Since the recent couple of successful careers from @Ian and @smoggy90 gave their tactics at the end, reckon i could do the same.



This was my tactic for 90% of the career except for the last few years where i changed "Work into Box" to "Shoot on Sight" to ease pressure on Zaniolo and help him take the rebound shots. I focused the passing style on Mixed to amplify shooting opportunities for Zaniolo. That's pretty much it.


Thanks to everyone who had followed this and commented on regular basis. It feels to finally achieve something big and one which had not been achieved yet, although that may easily change in the next edition. Enjoyed this thoroughly and it was a great way to bid adieu to my FMM 19 adventures.

Hope to see you all soon again in the next edition. 

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12 hours ago, omen_peter said:

Fantastic read from start to finish! One of the reasons I signed up to this forum was to follow careers like this!

Thanks mate and welcome to Vibe.


11 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Outstanding stuff, Kane! 👏 

Thanks Bati for your support throughout.


9 hours ago, FlexBrendt said:

Wonderful work Kane.. Amazeballs player indeed..

I tip my hat to your managerial greatness..! :)

Cheers Flex. Amazing player indeed.


8 hours ago, Kanchelskis1878 said:

Brilliant career mate! What a beast of a player!

Thanks Kan. Zaniolo is a beast alright. He is just about the most versatile i have seen in FMM 19. Can play at any positions in midfield.

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6 hours ago, Rob said:

Well done Kane. Enjoy it, because I will beat this in the next version.

Cheers Rob. Wow!! Gauntlet thrown down already!!! Well i will be gunning for you to beat this, you are my guru and the Father of the Strikerless after all. 🙏🙏🙏


5 hours ago, Ian said:

Congratulations Kane! Great work!

Thanks Ian for all your support.


4 hours ago, FlexBrendt said:

@Kanegan.. one question..

How many goals did you score as a team in those 24 seasons?

Edit : Saw the profile.. my bad..!

Cheers Flex.

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6 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

Fantastic career mate, looking forward to seeing what you get up to on FMM20!

Thanks for the support Tree.

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1 hour ago, smoggy90 said:

Great career mate, really enjoyed it and congrats on your achievements!

Look forward to following what you do in '20.

Thanks Smog. I enjoyed it too much and it was a fitting end for my 19 adventures. Will look forward to your careers as well.

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1 hour ago, RobNemoo said:

Well done, amazing achievement! 😎


54 minutes ago, Lord Danish said:

Great achivement Kane well done

Thanks Rob & Dan. I really enjoyed this and felt good to achieve this.

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