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Challenges One Season Strikerless Challenge


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The One Season Strikerless Challenge


Strikers huh! what are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

 At least that's what you are going to prove in this single season challenge.


  • Take over at any team in any division you wish.
  • Sell or demote all players that have green as there striker ability so you won't be tempted to use them.
  • Pick your three attacking midfielders that are going to show you don't need strikers. You may buy in or use players already in the squad.
  • You may not play with a striker at any point during the season. Your three players may play in any position and role in the attacking midfield.
  • Sacked= Game over.
  • No cheating including editing and reloading.
  • Post a career here on vibe including screenshots as proof.
  • Have fun.  


  • 1 point for every goal your three players score.
  • 1 point for every assist your three players provide.
  • League goal difference. Either +/-.
  • League points.


@Rob: PSG - Asensio, Bailey, and Rafa - 378

@Rob: Barcelona - Moriba, Dembele, and Lemar - 341

@Kanegan- Real Madrid - Hazard,de Bruyne,Sterling - 341 points

@smoggy90: PSG - Adama Traore x3 - 330 points

@Seth Anacondas: Sunderland - Watmore, Maguire and Hansson - 271 points

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