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Challenges The Neil Warnock Promotion Challenge


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The Neil Warnock Promotion Challenge


This is a simple challenge and is in a similar vain to The New StadiumChallenge in that you can play the game in almost anyway you want and with almost any team you want and still get onto the leaderboard.

In case you don’t know who Neil Warnock is he is currently in charge of Cardiff City and is the arguably the most successful lower league manager in the history of English football based on the number of promotions he has won in his 35 year.

He has won 8 promotions with 7 different clubs.

  •  Scarborough: The Football Conference winner 1986/87 
  • Notts County: Football League Division 3 Playoff winner 1989/90
  • Notts County: Football League Division 2 Playoff winner 1990/91
  • Huddersfield: Football League Division 2 Playoff winner 1994/95
  • Plymouth Argyle: Football League Division 3 Playoff winner 1995/96
  • Sheffield Utd: Championship runner up 2005/06
  • QPR: Championship winners 2010/11
  • Cardiff: Championship runners up 2017/18

He is also an interesting character who has a tendency to fall out with people so his Wiki is well worth a read. 


The Challenge 

Every time you win promotion with a club in any save you can have it added to the leaderboard. This can be with any club in any lower league in the game and the promotion can be via league position or winning a playoff and the promotions don’t all have to be from the same save.

Simply post the required screenshots in this thread or start a career thread so we can follow your progress.

Proof of promotions are required.


  • No editing of any sort including hex or IGE.
  • No unlockables unless earned in the save.
  • No reloading.
  • Have fun.




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16 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

hmm, what's that in the top-left corner @danovic78 :D

btw @Foxy may you please elevate my total to 11 overall, adding on one at the start of my bees save?


The mighty Bees, of course!

Not sure I am gonna make it 8 with them though. The squad is a right old mess.

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Got a few promotion during my hiatus and from the VWC here with 6.






Could’ve been 7 but I forgot to take the screenshot of me winning 3rd division with bolton


This is the last one.


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Got a few other promotions here

BrainTree 5 promotion







NAC Breda 1 promotion



This means I’m on top of the leaderboard with 12 promotion ;) 

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