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Challenges Parking the Bus Challenge


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I was inspired by a comment from @Leko Madonsela to create a challenge that was about defending as opposed to scoring bucket loads of goals. So I bring you the parking the bus challenge.

The term “parking the bus”i was coined by Jose Mourinho after a frustrating 0-0 draw with Spurs at Stamford Bridge back in September 2004. It’s ironic that the term which is used to describe a team playing ultra-defensively has become synonymous with the style of football the man who created it in the first place often uses.

The Challenge

Take charge of one of Jose’s clubs for a season. I will have a leaderboard for all five clubs.

·        Porto

·        Chelsea

·        Inter

·        Real Madrid

·        Man Utd

 You may not buy any players during either transfer window.

You will score points in the following ways.

 ·        +3 points for every clean sheet in a competitive game.

·        -1 point for every goal conceded in every competitive game.

·        +10 bonus points if you win the league.

·        +5 bonus points if you win the FA Cup in your clubs nation.

·        -25 and the challenge is over if you are sacked



 This is a one season challenge and needs to be done in the first season so your manager profile only shows the goals you have conceded for the challenge.

·        No transfers into your club.

·        No editing of any form EG: IGE, PGE, Hex etc.

·        Original database

·        No reloading to avoid injuries, suspensions or getting a good thrashing.

·        No unlockables. You may have a gold coaching badge.

·        Evidence must be shown preferably as a career post. This should include screenshots of your manager profile, transfer history, league table, cup wins.

·        Own formations.

·        Have fun!




Inter Milan:

Real Madrid:

Manchester United:

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