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Challenges The Strikers’ Striker Challenge


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The Strikers' Striker Challenge

Credit to @BatiGoal for creating this challenge.


You are right, the boys up there are in fact playmakers of the highest order and not your typical striker, but don't they look an awesome bunch? But more importantly, just like the misleading title, I am always thrilled to make people believe -Vibers in particular- that they are going to have an opportunity to manage FMM's finest stars when they are totally not. Quite the contrary actually -evil laughter- anyways... I present you my first of hopefully many FMM18 challenges to come. It is not a complicated challenge per se but it *will* test your tactical, strategical and man-management skills over a duration of at least 5 seasons. What formation are you going to play to get the most out of your not-so-greatly talented stars? How will you tweak the training to accommodate these non-stars? Have you given your worthless player enough rest inbetween games to excel when it matters? How does your squad react when you favor a godawful striker over a seasoned one, and how do you? What minimal qualities does your hopeles hero need to possess to be able to complete the upcoming insanity anyway? Questions and more questions you as the manager will need to find answers to. If you fail to complete any of the stages you may re-play them as often as you need before progressing onto the next one. Play the full 30 seasons to get a bigger total score if you like, or just the 5 to quickly note your name on the leaderboard for everyone to see. There are a couple of rules though but we get to those once I present The Strikers' Striker Challenge first. 

The Challenge Objectives: Load any nations in any order you like, one of which must however be the English one, and select your preferred EPL club. You're going to embark on a journey taking 1 (forward) player with you from each of the lower English divisions per season, each increasing in difficulty as you go. For this challenge I have chosen to focus on goals scored in the Premier League only. This in order to have a gradual increase in difficulty and at the same time measuring your "weakening / less talented" striker Vs striker per stage against (near) identical opponents in the English top division. Stage 1 will see you score a minimum of 50 league goals with a striker bought from a Championship club. Stage 2 the exact same but this time with a striker bought from a League One side. Stage 3 with a player from League Two, and Stages 4 and 5 with one from Vanarama National and Vanarama North/South respectively. See below:

  1. Stage One - score 50+ EPL goals with a Championship player
  2. Stage Two - score 50+ EPL goals with a League One player
  3. Stage Three - score 50+ EPL goals with a League Two player
  4. Stage Four - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama National player
  5. Stage Five - score 50+ EPL goals with a Vanarama North/South player

Players you may use:

  • Real players
  • Fake/Grey players 
  • Regens/Evogens

Players you may NOT use:

  • Loanees at the clubs
  • Previously used players
  • Ex-players (to combat the obvious)

Challenge Rules

  • No unlockables incl. SD, no IGE or reloading etc. Coaching Badges ARE allowed. 
  • The 5 stages must be completed in order of difficulty (1 to 5) and may last no more than 1 season each.
  • Take as many attempts per stage as you need but a new player must be used for every new attempt and/or stage.
  • Your chosen player must score 50+ league goals in 1 season before you may move on to the next stage. 
  • When buying a player, all teams in that specific league count, also newly promoted/relegated ones.
  • Post a career for us to follow in order to be eligible for the leaderboard. 
  • Have fun :)


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