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Career cezzz16 attempts 1k goal challenge with Paulinho


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Hi, it's been a long time since I last played. My Gouiri was halted due to very busy schedule at work. This is my final attempt for 1k.


The MAN: 


The guy from Leverkusen. I used him on my saves this year,  so why not make him as a main scorer?  The Pace is really high for his age. The main challenge here is his natural position as a winger. Ofc if I focus train his aerials as a striker, his dribbling and passing would surely go up because of his main position as a winger. 


Also obviously my selected team is


Been seeing guys hitting 2k now! 1k should be easy now right? Thanks guys. 

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Gonna try to update as much as I can. 





Sold Veratti for a HUGE amount, bought my guy for 93m. That Ortiz transfer was desperate, everybody was injured during the later part of the season lol. 


Notable matches



Got couple of big games. He always outruns defenders during clear cuts dur to his pace. 


League, Manager Profile and Teammate stats



My two world class wingers dishing assists. 

How did he perform? 


46 goals in his first season. Okay I guess, fitness always an issue lol. 


Total Goals: 46/1000



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Yeah, another great season from him. Imagine managing a National Team on your 2nd season attempting this challenge? Surely I can even reach 2k with this one! 

After getting 4th in the last tourney, Brazil sacked their manager! What an opportunity! 


His goals and CA. 


Then this happened. After I woke up from deep slumber, I copied my downloaded faces and this happened. 


Oh I must have pasted on wrong folder. It's okay, my save won't be affected. 


I criii.. Lesson: Don't do any copypasta when you are half asleep. 

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