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It’s that time of year again.

The leaves are falling, the nights are getting longer, and all the shops are starting to get full of Halloween and Christmas shite. That can only mean one thing.....the new FMM will soon be out!

It’s also that time when we take a look back at the best (and worst) that the members of Vibe have offered us up this year in the VIBE AWARDS 2019!!!

It is tricky to look back over the year and remember everything that has happened but luckily many of you have long memories and I think we had a good crop of nominations which reflect the diversity of members and content that we have on the site. You have all been voting via PM to @samhardy who informs me that it has been a very good turn out this year, the votes have been counted and verified by the UN and the results can be revealed now.

Before that though we are going over live to the red carpet to see if Sexy Sue can get any comments from some of the stars of the night.

The atmosphere is electric down here on the red carpet as we await the arrival of all this years nominees and in fact I think I can see some branches swaying in the breeze so I will see if I can speak to @Mr Tree.

Mr Tree congratulations on your nominations, you have at times be called the Irish Ilex but I think the question all of Vibe would like answered is what variety of Tree actually are you?

Mr Tree: Obviously it's a question that I get asked a lot, so it's something I've thought a lot about over the last few seconds. At times, my bees and FMM can leave me swaying side to side, morose like a Weeping Willow. But in general, probably just a good old apple tree - solid, reliable, nothing spectacular but useful...

A very thoughtful answer thank you Mr Tree.

I can see the immaculate hair of a Mackem coming through the crowds so that must be @samhardy let’s see if I can catch a word with him.

Sam! Sam!

Thank you for stopping for a quick word Sam. I think what the whole community would like to know is what is your favourite root vegetable?

Samhardy: Allium sativum.

But Sam that’s garlic and botanically speaking it isn’t a root vegetable as you eat the stem and the bulbs not the roots....Sam.....Sam.....oh he’s walked off.

Any way moving on and I think I can smell the ocean which can only mean Ian is here.

Good evening @Ian, I was wondering which you prefer Sharks, Dolphins or Whales?

Ian: I probably prefer Dolphins as I think of them as being more friendly.

The Studio: Well that was some riveting stuff from Sue there with some really probing questions but I think that is all we have time for...


Sue are you ok?



Sorry but it’s @Woody he is trying to get the microphone off me!!!

Well let him speak then Sue as he must have something important to say.

Woody: At last my time to speak! I just wanted to say that if you ever go to Stoke or The Potteries in general you must visit Trentham Gardens but if you fancy a good laugh you can stand outside the bet365!

Ok thanks for that Woody 🙄

Let’s get on with the awards then before my mind explodes with all the excitement.

Best Career: Sponsored by Justice for Lord Danish’s Cousin Campaign

This is always a tightly contested category every year and this was no exception with the winner taking the prize by a single vote from an unlucky Smoggy.

This years Best Career goes to @Mr Tree Goal a Mile career which saw him embark on an epic 30 year journey up Britain in his attempt to get from the very south of England all the way up to the north of Scotland.

Best Article: Sponsored by Bati’s Reappearing Cream

This years game saw a radical overhaul of training which left many people looking to have it explained to them in a way that could help them get the best out of the new feature. Luckily Nucleus provided just such an article and it clearly proved popular as it received 31% of the votes.

The best article of 2019 deservedly goes to @Nucleus for his Training and Repositioning Guide.

Best Community Event: Sponsored by Ian’s Ace of Base Fanclub

We are all a competitive lot here at Vibe and the community events are always a highlight of the year with plenty of good natured banter flying around as we all complete to be top dog. This years winning event received 45% of the vote so it certainly proved to be a popular winner.

The best community event of 2019 goes to the Vibe Premier League which was hosted by @samhardy and it’s the second year in a row that event has won the title.


Best H2H: Sponsored by DJ Woody’s Record Store

We saw a few H2H this year but two clearly caught Vibes imagination more than the others. There was a single vote between the winning H2H and The Draft between @Rob, @Woody and myself but with 50% of the vote this years best H2H was...

FC CentreBack a save hosted by myself that saw two teams of 11 Vibers pick a centre back each that I then created a squad out of and tried to win Serie A with.

Biggest Fail: Sponsored by Steve McClaren’s Hair Island Holiday Resorts

We see plenty of success on Vibe as many members smash out great challenge totals but let’s be honest we all enjoy a fail now and again and we had a few quality ones this year. This years fail category wasn’t close though as the winner took 69% of the votes.

The biggest fail 2019 goes to @Nucleus as he knocked himself out of the VPL by failing to read the rules correctly and being deducted nearly half his points  for the final weeks challenge.


Best Newcomer: Sponsored by the Ghosts of Long Lost Vibers

This award goes to the new member who made the most impact on Vibe this year. This was a two horse race as @Ian and @Mr Tree took turns to be in the lead and the award went right down to the final person who voted.

This means that we have an unprecedented situation as both @Ian and @Mr Tree received the same number of votes and will this year share the award as best newcomers of 2019!

This brings us to the final a category of the night that was voted for by you the Vibe Reading public. To announce the Best Member for 2019 I am going to hand you over to my fellow Mod samhardy.

Best Member: Sponsored by Bobby’s Pork Pie Factory

Before our musical interlude from undoubtedly Wales' premier band it is down to me to present the main award of the evening. Last time around Fuddled "Foxy" Fox took this comfortably and was the bookies favourite to do so again.

This year we had a much closer vote with Ian picking up 5 votes and Rob picking up 6 really showing the top quality on vibe this year however it can be confirmed that with just over 45% of your votes the Gloucestershire Gladiator retains his status as vibe's best member and I'm not sure anyone can begrudge him of that.

@Foxy has requested that Mr Karl Robinson comes and collects the award on his behalf.



We have one more award to give out but first some live music.

Hailing from the musical wilderness’ of South Wales to conquer the world I give you the Manic Street Preachers!


The final award of the night is to recognise someone who has achievement something momentous this year that may otherwise have not received the recognition that it deserved in the other categories.

2019 Outstanding Achievement Award

On the 3rd of January @samhardy shocked the world when he posted a career thread on the forums but little did we know that this career would achieve something momentous that makes it worthy of an award.

The career with Gateshead only lasted two seasons but Sam brought great success by winning an FA Cup and then telling the tale of The Heeds adventure in the Europa League. This all sounds impressive enough but it’s not truly award winning so why have the panel of judges chosen this for such a prestigious award?

The answer to that is simple as Sam managed to make a two season career last for 9 whole months worth of posts in the career thread! I think we can all agree that it takes some doing to stretch a career that only took a few hours to play across three quarters of a year worth of posts and I hope you will all join me in applauding this outstanding achievement.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award you were all much deserved winners and if you didn’t win one then to be nominated you must be doing something right so keep on going and maybe 2020 will be your year.

That brings us to the end of another year on Vibe and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed through the year in making Vibe the entertaining and sometimes very surreal experience that it is.



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Two awards 😅 I guess that makes up for winning sod all at last year’s event! Thanks for the votes guys :) 

Excellent write up Foxy

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Brilliant write-up. Congratulations of all of the winners - all through deserved. There’s been some great stuff this year and I personally found it really hard to vote in some of the categories.

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:D fantastic. I'm honoured, and there are loads of good people in the community too who make it all worthwhile. I hope I can continue to bring occasionally interesting posts to next year's game too!

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