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Career BG Scores Highest Lowest


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Can't remember since I last posted a career, so here we go again.. 


.. this time it's going to be a @veerus challenge

 And once again no takers as of yet, which means an empty leaderboard. Unsurprisingly, I'm on it like a hungry hyena 👍 


In short, what is asked of me and my crew is the following:

Challenge score - calculate your score by playing 1 full season and taking your top 4 players' Goals + Assists totals. Score will equal the LOWEST G+A total of those 4 players.  (example: if the top 4 performers are - Player 1: 25G+10A, P2: 20G+5A, P3: 2G+19G, P4: 7G+10A - the score is 17 as Player 4 has the lowest G+A total out of the top contributors).


BG Scores Highest Lowest - Part 1/2


Team - Paris SG

People who know me know that I very rarely play the biggest teams in the league; the likes of Barca, Madrid, Juve, Bayern etc, as I love the added challenge of getting smaller teams to the top. But this challenge requires something a little different in terms of the formation(s) I'm planning on using, well, if need be. Also, I need a healthy budget and easily dominate the league in order to get a fair chunk of players with a solid G+A ratio to score a respectable number on the board. In other words, many goals or many assists from a select group of players. The strategizing really starts in the second half of the season when my top 4 performers become apparent.. (more on that later) 


Formation - 4-2-4


The main formation. I've gone with my att-focused 'Grande Torino' formation because I know what to expect of it. There's going to be a few position/role tweaks along the way to accommodate the "lower" scorers in my top 4 group as, - to remind you - my score will be that of the "worst" performer out of the 4, but the main setup is the above.

I'm particularly looking at my IFs, AF and P to score the big points, but relying on 4 only is very risky since an injury could put a serious dent in my final score. So I'm definitely also relying on my AP and to lesser extent CM to get me the points. So the idea I have for this challenge is to start out with a top 5/6 group and towards the latter stages of the season really focus on the best 4 and get that lowest score up. BG scores highest lowest. Hope you're still with me at this point, otherwise things will become much clearer down below. 


August - 


Top Performers - Goals + Assists

  1. 10 pts - Cavani
  2. 7 pts - Neymar
  3. 3 pts - Vitolo
  4. 2 pts - Depay (Challenge Score)
  5. 2 pts - Mbappé


September - 


Top Performers: Goals + Assists

  1. 15 pts - Neymar
  2. 14 pts - Cavani
  3. 8 pts - Vitolo
  4. 7 pts - Mbappé (Challenge Score)
  5. 6 pts - Depay


October - 


Top Performers: Goals + Assists

  1. 23 pts - Cavani
  2. 23 pts - Neymar
  3. 16 pts - Vitolo
  4. 15 pts - Mbappé (Challenge Score)
  5. 11 pts - Depay


November - 


Top Performers: Goals + Assists

  1. 29 pts - Neymar
  2. 28 pts - Cavani
  3. 20 pts - Mbappé
  4. 18 pts - Vitolo (Challenge Score)
  5. 14 pts - Depay 


December - 


Top Performers: Goals + Assists

  1. 35 pts - Cavani
  2. 33 pts - Neymar
  3. 24 pts - Mbappé
  4. 21 pts - Vitolo (Challenge Score)
  5. 19 pts - Depay


We have completed the first half of the season and it's pretty clear now who our best performers are. These 5 players are going to decide what my Challenge Score is going to be. It's clear that I'll need to pay a little more attention to the "bottom" three and get their numbers up for a higher score. Change formation? Change positions? Tweak roles? More vs fewer minutes on the pitch? Assignment swap? Lots to contemplate and strategize in the second half of the season, but I guarantee you that the gap between the top 4 and the rest is going to be increased.


Big thanks for the views and see you in Part 2/2.

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2 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Interesting one mate

Thank you, Lord. It's always fun to have a crack at something I haven't attempted before. 

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21 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Interesting challenge and a good start i would say. Looking forward to the end of season update.

Thanks. I'm halfway thru the second part now and without revealing too much I gotta say I like what I'm seeing. 

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5 hours ago, Woody said:

i love that formation mate. im sure you had one similar last year or the year before.

great start though.

Thanks, Woodey. Yeah, love it as well. Old school stuff. Strong 4-man defence, strong 4-man attack and a couple pitiful dudes in the middle who'd better run their sock off to link either end 😂 

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Interesting challenge considering you have to focus not on one, nor two players but rather 5! But as always it seems like a walk in the park for you. KIU!

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37 minutes ago, S4NCH0 said:

Interesting challenge considering you have to focus not on one, nor two players but rather 5! But as always it seems like a walk in the park for you. KIU!

Thanks. My last walk in FMM19 😉 

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39 minutes ago, Paul186 said:

Interesting challenge, hope you get a good score

Thanks Paul. The formation proved mightily effective. Also, they're not exactly the worst players to walk the pitch. 

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BG Scores Highest Lowest - Part 2/2


I'm back with the rest of this challenge. For those who've just tuned in, all I gotta achieve here is to get my top 4 performers in the squad as many goals and/or assists as I can. The lowest of this elite group becomes my Challenge Scorer, hence Highest Lowest to top the blank leaderboard. 


January - Top Performers: Goals + Assists


  1. 45 pts - Cavani
  2. 35 pts - Neymar
  3. 31 pts - Mbappé
  4. 28 pts - Depay (Challenge Score)
  5. 27 pts - Vitolo

Was expecting to score double digits against this weak lower division team. At this point I'm still undecided on my best 4. I'm focusing on all 5 for the time being to give myself a bit of leeway and in case injuries kick in. I'm hoping for 50+pts at the end of the ride. Sounds like an attainable number. 


February - Top Performers: Goals + Assists


  1. 55 pts - Cavani
  2. 41 pts - Neymar
  3. 37 pts - Vitolo
  4. 35 pts - Mbappé (Challenge Score)
  5. 31 pts - Depay

It's clear at this point that Cavani is definitely in the top 4. Never a doubt really. And I very much expect Neymar and Mbappé to join the Uruguayan. It's probably going to be between Adv Playmaker Vitolo and Inside Forward Depay whom my Highest Lowest scorer is going to be. 


March - Top Performers: Goals + Assists


  1. 59 pts - Cavani
  2. 46 pts - Vitolo
  3. 44 pts - Neymar
  4. 39 pts - Mbappé (Challenge Score)
  5. 34 pts - Depay

Result-wise not a great month. With 2 months left, this is the point where I've made my decision. Depay is out of the running, he'll become a permanent sub unless something crazy happens. If you're wondering why the Brazilian and Frenchman don't have more points, they could very easily have had more. Loads more, but I'm rotating and tweaking plenty as to increase my 4th performer's score as much as I can. 


April - Top Performers: Goals + Assists


  1. 67 pts - Cavani
  2. 58 pts - Vitolo
  3. 52 pts - Neymar
  4. 51 pts - Mbappé (Challenge Score)
  5. 39 pts - Depay

Big points scored for the top 4. Not gonna lie, this Vitolo is realllly surprising me. I knew he was good but he's VERY good. Playing as an AP in CM or FL/R he's assisting loads. Now that he's got a healthy lead expect Mbappé and Neymar to quickly close the gap on him playing in their preferred striking spots as P and AF respectively. 


May - Top Performers: Goals + Assists


  1. 74 pts - Cavani
  2. 64 pts - Mbappé
  3. 63 pts - Vitolo
  4. 61 pts - Neymar (Challenge Score)
  5. 42 pts - Depay

Madrid mauled! Perfectly according to plan. Little disappointing re Neymar as he picked up a few knocks in May, which cost him minutes on the grass, but there's one game left in June to up the final tally. I'm going all in on him to close the gap with #3 and get the best 4th performer I can. He'll be playing in his favored spot up front in the CL final vs Juventus. 


June - Top Performers: Goals + Assists


  1. 75 pts - Cavani
  2. 65 pts - Mbappé
  3. 63 pts - Neymar
  4. 63 pts - Vitolo (Final Score)

Not our best game but I'm very happy with Neymar's contribution. A goal and an assist gives him another 2pts and brings him level with Vitolo. The idea from the start was to keep #3 and #4 as close as possible for the best end result and it really couldn't have gone much better imo. I don't say this often about any of my achievements but I think this one will take some serious effort to beat. That or interpret it as a plea to prove me wrong ☺ 


1. Cavani: 51 goals + 24 assists = 75pts



 2. Mbappé: 37 goals + 28 assists = 65pts



3. Neymar: 35 goals + 28 assists = 63pts



4. Vitolo: 24 goals + 39 assists = 63pts



Manager: Bati Goal




So this leaves me with a Challenge Score of 63 pts

Thanks biggie for all comments and views and see you again in FMM20

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6 hours ago, Ian said:

A truly great score there. Well done BG 👍


5 hours ago, Paul186 said:

Well done and top of leaderboard as well


3 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Nice work Bati


44 minutes ago, Kanegan said:

Awesome score mate. 

Thanks guys! Enjoyed it from start till finish. Now let's hope this formation does just as well in the new FMM. 

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1 hour ago, SirSpankorama said:

Nice career! Would it be possible to show a screenshot of transfers you made, if any?




GK - Lopes, CM - Nzonzi, AP - Vitolo, IF - Depay

Vardy and Mandzukic were basically bought as subs in case of (multiple) injuries to my squad but luckily that never happened, so they only featured in a dozen or so games. 

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30 minutes ago, Kun Aguero said:

63 goals created for your worst performer! 😮 What a legend you and your players are!

Thanks mate. Credit goes to 'Grande Torino' formation. 

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