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Career Saying Goodbye to Chaoyue [One Season Strikerless]

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Saying Goodbye to Chaoyue – A One Season Strikerless Challenge 

With FMM fully into 2020 prep mode now, I needed a short and soothing challenge. The Chinese First Division thus seemed like the perfect place to start a One Season Strikerless Challenge. Chaoyue caught my attention as they begin with no players! 1846776814_Screenshot_20191028-184923_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.81ba8051c79c3c9a12defc900166a32a.jpgA quick look at Wikipedia reveals the club dissolved, China no less immune to the financial troubles of Bury, Bolton et al.

Though unfortunate, this saves us the potentially circuitous process of flogging strikers. Instead, many defenders and midfielders were brought in…

The Main Men



Though not intentional, I was chuffed to bring in former Fulham man Ashkan Dejagah. He is joined by Sergio Mota and Christian Gimenez.

Each has their virtues. Mota is most familiar with China. Gimenez is a Strict Professional, one of the best personalities. And Dejagah is the complete attacker, able to score or assist at will.

Other Transfers


In Chinese football only two types of players are allowed:
•    Domestic talent, including imports based in China.
•    Players with vast international experience.
To that end, we loaded Australia with China, giving us access to a bevy of players in the latter category.


Headlined by the Main Men and former Benfica man Enzo Perez, recruitment spanned five continents. Europe curiously was ignored, along with Antarctica.

No strikers purchased:


The Tactic


Like a more offensive version of Vincenzo Montella’s Fiorentina, we lined up in a lopsided 3-5-2.


Our Attacking mentality invites our opponents to make sporadic, ill-advised attacks, allowing us to then counter quickly.


All Over and Committed instructions lock down our dominance.


Like Adi Hutter’s Frankfurt, we favour Direct passing, but when losing control, Short passing has proven a useful alternative. 


When the tactic got a bit stale, the non-Main Men underperformers were dropped. When our Main Men underperformed, we swapped Gimenez and Mota around. More sporadically, we fiddled with Mota’s role (alternating between SS and AP).

The Main Men were thus most active in the League. They were less seen in the Cup, apart from a 7-0 shellacking of amateur footballers cum professional kickboxers.

Challenge Results



League Points and Goal Difference
My hubris in calling the competition “Mickey Mouse” proved to be my (slight) downfall, winning “only” 78 League Points. Nevertheless, a goal difference of +63 augurs well for the Goalscoring portion of the challenge.


Main Men’s Goals and Assists


To my immense delight, Dejagah was irrepressible. 27 goals and 23 assists gave him 50 points.

Gimenez’s experience and hard work helped him to 14 goals and 15 assists. That gave him 29.

With 18 goals and just 8 assists, Mota was a bit disappointing (In fairness, his comrades gobbled up the assists). That gave him 26

All in all, our trio contributed 105 points to the cause. 





337066935_Screenshot_20191027-215652_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.2506ea035987c1bf3f6ec47065669051.jpg1913922488_Screenshot_20191028-155035_FM2019Mobile.thumb.jpg.20fee70788343251bf4af926f4bcd669.jpgRegrettably, we fell to the standard bearer Guangzhou in the Cup. This after coming so close – my mismanagement meant the tired Main Men played in the first leg, which cost us the tie. 

Selected player ratings:


Challenge Score



78 + 63 + 105 = 246 points

Maybe not the best score, but I was pleased with our play in general. Will be persisting with this tactic in FMM20.





Edited by Seth Anacondas
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