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Kun Aguero

Fun/Games Counting Down To FMM 20 - A Community Interactive Game

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We have finally reached the end of this 15 days long competition. Without further ado, let's get into the prize giving ceremony (no prizes tho😉).

6th Place : @Seth Anacondas

Started very strong in the competition, but stop handing in his results from #7 on, Seth has proved himself using a far weaker Dijon FCO side compare to the big teams other uses. Congrats on the 6th place!

5th Place : @Lord Danish

Talking about youth flops 😂, Danish was the leader of the table for the first few rounds before @Ian came in. Highest scored recorded is a 15 by his #9 son. 

2nd Runner-Up : @BatiGoal & @Kun Aguero

Batigoal started strong especially in the few strikers numbers, but at last settled down with a tied 3rd. A huge disappointment maybe? 😂

1st Runner-Up @Kanchelskis1878

A very strong competition between Kanchelskis and Ian in the last few rounds, with Kanchelskis tied in points with Ian just 3 days before the end. A series of good performance from his bunch of English talents in Benfica earned him the 2nd place.

Champion : @Ian

Talking about total domination, @Ian showed his quality in this game, and even managed to have a 30+ points gap between him and the rest midway in the game. He recorded the highest score in the game with Moise Kean scoring 8 goals plus 1 bonus giving him 33 points in Day 7. Almost lost to @Kanchelskis1878 in the final 2 rounds, but Upamecano's there to grab the trophy for him with a hat-trick.

Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone joining this one last ride in FMM19. See y'all in FMM20!


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2 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

I think I should've won tbf. 😂 But thanks for running this short but fun compie @Kun Aguero and of course congrats to @Ian for his incredibly lucky win 😜

Thought we should ignore every post made by @Ian but how come he won?!

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Excellent event to finish up 19 and build up the excitement to 20 @Kun Aguero, really enjoyed it.

Thanks all for the congratulations but I feel I did get lucky as the majority of my bigger scores were taken straight from my career threads and if I’d of had to rely on the saves I still had on my phone I’d of failed miserably.

Well done to all who took part.

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