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With impending release of FMM2020, Let’s dive into depths of Football Management for English  Clubs and we start (or end?) with Liverpool. A club full of Rich History and a exciting roster, it’s our job to take them to the glory.
(Also we might take Italy to Glory.. but highly unlikely)

Season 1 :

Player Coming In : N.Zaniolo (Loan)

With ‘Normal’ Reputation, all I’m allowed to do is get a guy on loan. I fished out and bought Zani in on Loan to play full Season.

We won premier league with 2 points and +55 GD.

Lost to Crystal Palace in Carabao Round 4 (hurt a lot).

Lost to Manchester United in FA Semis (hurt a bit).

Won the Champions Cup (Beat Real by 2-0).




Note : Aiming for 4K goals (ASAP)

Goals : 153

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5 hours ago, Mr Tree said:

It says 86 goals, not 153. Do you have any view showing the total goals?

Liverpool =/= "the depths of football management" :D

good luck, have fun :)

86 in league.. forgot to take total one..

will upload with next update 

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Season 2 to 4

We won Premier League all 3 times and Lost all cups..

Also got sacked as Italian manager, when I screwed European Championships.

Goal Update : 651 (247 Games)




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Single Season Update (Finally got back Champions League Crown)

Season 5

We won another premier league (by a landslide, won title with 8 games remaining) and Champions League (Besting OL in the finale).

Goal Update : 829 (305 games)


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