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Career Jagiellonia Białystok-"Jaga" from zero to heros


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Good Evening All,


Choosing the team

I have chosen to manage Jagiellonia Bialystok as Poland is a great country to manage in. I have always found the Ekstraklasa to be very competitive.  It was my aim to get this club to become champions of Polish football.


Stadium and facilities

Firstly, Please look below, the stadium holds over 25,000 fans & looks absolutly stunning. The youth facilities & 1st team facilities are State of the art. The club has everything it requires to being successful.


Holiday and assistant manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff, Finance and Training

I have built Jagiellonia to have state of the art staff as seen below. The clubs finances are secure so we can build in the future. Training was delegated to my Assistant Manager Jan Wouters.



As always, I implemented my Tiki Taka Philosophy on Jagiellonia. For the most part this formation was successful, creating a strong defence & beautiful passing football. However, we usually needed a stronger attacking force to win more matches.



The Squad has been regularly changed since I came to manage the club. I have tried to focus primarily on Polish players who are between 19-25 years old, giving the club players for the future. I have found a few loanee players from the UK/EUROPE also helped the overally quality of our squad.


The Result

So, there you have it, My aim became reallity and Jagiellona were finally Champions of Polish Football!  It did take 6 long,frustrating seasons though and was tough, especially when you feel the club getting better just for us to struggle the next season. The clubs of Lech,Legia & Lechia are masters of this league and you need to be ready for a fight to be champion. Overall though, incredibly happy save and a real insight into the Polish League, this is a fantastic club and 100% deserve success in the future.


Managers Statistics



League Statistics



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On 13/11/2019 at 23:36, BatiGoal said:

No Cup success in 6 seasons? Did you come close? Congrats on winning them the title. 

Btw gorgeous stadium indeed. 

I found the league to be quite competitive. I made some progress but not enough until we won the league.

Many thanks @batigoal

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