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Challenges Copa America Players Challenge


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This is a simple challenge with a little bit of variety.

Since the name Copa America was officially used in 1975, only 7 teams have won the tournament. They are:



Now, how does this relate to your challenge??

Well you need to select a player from each of the nation above and his goals and assists will count towards your points.


So, here are the rules:

1. This will be a 7 season long challenge

2. Any club and any league is allowed but no created clubs.

3. Real players are allowed. 

4. Club games count only. No intl. games

5. No reloading/hex-editing/IGE etc.

6. All badges and reputations allowed.

7. You can go in any sequence. Just follow the scoring system for your points.

8. Have fun.



@Kanegan - 335 points Career

Edited by Kanegan
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