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Challenges The Battle of Bosses I


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The Battle of Bosses I ]


The majority of you have probably spent hours fighting a boss character in all sorts of video games. Contra, Altered Beast, Super Mario, Knightmare, Zelda, Final Fantasy and many more. These fights are commonly referred to as a boss fight or boss battle. Boss battles are generally seen at a climax of a particular section of the game, usually at the end of a level or stage, or guarding a specific objective; the boss enemy is generally far stronger than the opponents you have faced up to that point, and is usually faced solo. At times, bosses are very hard, even impossible, to defeat without being adequately prepared or knowing the correct fighting approach. Bosses take strategy and special knowledge to defeat, such as how to attack weak points or avoid specific attacks. In FMM terms it translates to outscoring each of the 5 Bosses you're going to be up against in a good ol'-fashioned Head-to-Head battle. But this H2H is going to be slightly different. Classic RPG style. Slightly imbalanced in terms of Boss Health and Boss Attack, as it should be. 5 seasons - 5 Boss Levels, each increasing in difficulty as you progress through the stages. Can't wait to see how badly you're going to do. 


Objective - Take any team other than those of the Bosses you're up against + pick a designated player (also not from a Boss team as these are "locked") and beat all 5 Bosses (in order) in a classic Head to Head style battle. Each H2H battle lasts 1 season making this, potentially, a 5-season long career. You can ONLY score points with goals, however, Bosses have multiple ways of scoring points (see Boss Level spoiler for more info) Win, continue the game to level 2. Lose, and it's game over instantly. Try again! Go all the way to Boss Level 5 AND beat him to complete this challenge. Get defeated before you reach The Final Boss and all goals scored up till that point is your total tally for a humble leaderboard mention. 



  • Load France, Germany + any other nation(s)
  • Badges: Yes, Unlockables: No
  • You may use REAL players only!
  • All your goals count except ITN gls
  • NO buying players from "locked" Boss teams
  • Defeat a Boss in order to "unlock" his team
  • Have fun, be safe and goodluck!


Boss level 1 - The Necromantic Number 7


*Team Boss lvl 1 LOCKED until defeated

Once you step onto this machine-like human's arena there's no going back for you. Not only are his forward runs unpredictable and difficult to avoid, every swift maneuver of this legendary hat-trick king has the potential to knock out your plucky hero. Beating him requires a healthy stock of power potions and punishing every opening you've been gifted. Composed almost completely of tough-to-score opportunities, unforgiving, pixel-perfect death jumps and a stupidly tough pre-match fight with killer robots that require tons of skill and mastery. Will you be rewarded for your efforts?


Cristiano Ronaldo - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals + PoM
  • Boss Bonus: 1x:red:+10pts


Boss level 2 - The Master of Murder


*Team Boss lvl 2 LOCKED until defeated

This boss is daunting, and everywhere near impossible to beat in his prime days. Are you yet worthy to go face-to-face with the ageing magician himself? It’s a one-on-one fight, which means no assistance or healing (or reloading), and the battle requires impeccable timing just to land a point. If you manage to take him down through a combination of well-timed special moves, he'll turn into an even more intimidating, aggressive tank of a demon that deals tremendous damage and overwhelms with its firey shots. One misstep and you'll be burned to oblivion, but take no risks and you’ll never beat him.


Lionel Messi - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals + Assists
  • Boss Bonus: CL final/win +10/20pts


Boss level 3 - The Pole of Pain


*Team Boss lvl 3 LOCKED until defeated

This boss's attacks are fast and brutal, and each one is punctuated by a horrifying scream of victory. Once you're acknowledged as a worthy enemy, this boss creature transforms into something resembling fangs and wings. It attacks with blood explosions and lightning-fast dribbles, which adds another layer of creepiness to this epic encounter. What makes the battle particularly daunting is that this superboss boasts a staggering killer-instinct, several times more efficient than yours. He is also loaded with dark forces that will easily knock you off your feet with one shot if you’re not properly trained.


Robert Lewandowski -

  • Boss Attack: Goals x2
  • Boss Bonus: +ITN gls x2


Boss level 4 - The Tyrannical Triple-Two


*Team Boss lvl 4 LOCKED until defeated

This "Thing of Evil" doesn't even have the standard safety-setting to protect his foes, it just launches into a lightning-fast counter-attack in a blink of an eye, which the truly talented would do using two feet firing a well-timed cannon ball. There are many bosses pillaging this planet, but none of them can raise a person’s blood pressure like this one. He was formerly believed to be an ancient monarch, dragon-slaying god of football who flew around striking his adversaries with his perfectly timed bicycle-kicks while invisible forces of pain attempt to kill your boney spirits with knee-high tackles.


Neymar - 

  • Boss Attack: (Goals + Assists) x2
  • Boss Bonus: 1x:yellow:+3pts


Boss level 5 - The French Phantasm - The Final Boss


*Defeat Boss lvl 5 to COMPLETE the challenge

During his previous H2H battle this Final Boss periodically swallowed random teammates and slowly digested them in his stomach for power-ups. This stupidly hard final boss of this challenge sports certain types of devastatingly powerful weapons, and was deemed so rough by many a manager, that his creator wound up removing (tho reluctantly) his infinite multiplier bonus so that enemies would actually have a minimal chance of winning. Once you get used to the punishing patterns and start gaining grass, he switches stances, and shoots with elemental power that shall deliver permanent damage and end you with a speed and ferocity that is impossible to weather.


Kylian Mbappé - 

  • Boss Attack: Goals x3
  • Boss Bonus: Not at PSG +10pts


Any questions feel free to ask. Goodluck!


The Battle of Bosses I - Leaderboard

1. 279 pts - Lord Danish - Career link

2. 270 pts - danovic78 - Career link

3. 28 pts - Mr Tree - Career link


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4 hours ago, Titjes said:

Can a different striker be used every season? Or 1 striker for 5 seasons?

In certain games back in the day you did have the option to go through levels as a group and select any one from the group to fight the boss. So to answer your question, yes, you may use different players per level.

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