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Challenges Rodriguez Challenge (My First Challenge!)


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This is my first challenge; please criticize accordingly.


Recently in the database I noticed a number of players named Rodriguez or Rodrigues. For the purpose of this challenge we will treat these names as equivalent. 

Your aim is to take control of Real Madrid, focus your team around James Rodriguez, and sell all other players except Oscar Rodriguez. (I recommend loading MLS as well because they will give you more wheeler dealer time). Next, filter players named Rodrigue, and sign all players from your filter that you desire.

Challenge: Win all competitions & get as many assists from James as possible.

Points: Competitions wonx20 + assists from James = total points score.

Please note, this is a 1 season challenge.

Here are some interesting Rodriguez/s players to start with.




Usual challenge rules apply, I.e no editor or reloading etc.



Edited by SirSpankorama
Updated for the new season
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10 minutes ago, Foxy said:

This looks a fun challenge with a chance to use some less well known players, good work Spanky.

Thanks. Also thanks for formatting. Is there a tutorial?


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2 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

James Rodriguez is no longer at Bayern mate

Ok, looks like I didn’t fact check enough, LOL. I’ll update it to Real. Thanks for the tip.


Edited by SirSpankorama
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