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Challenges Averaging Out


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Averaging Out

The following challenge was used for the Challenge Cup 2015 final.


The challenge:

  • Take control of any team in any league, it works just as well. Saint-Étienne in France were used for the challenge cup final.
  • You must start the season with a squad of 30 players. No constraints on transfers, or whether the players are on loan or not, you must start the season with 30 players. Once you have played the first league match of the season, no more transfers are allowed.
  • Keep an eye on the average rating of your players. On the 31st of each month, you must demote your two highest rated players, never to be used again (unless they apply to the next rule).
  • When January comes around, you may promote two players of your choice that you have demoted in the first part of the season.

By my calculations, you will be demoting two players every month for 9 months (August-April) and with the two you are allowed to re-promote, you will finish the season with 14 players.

The same old rules such as no unlockables and own tactics only, although I can't really stop anyone. It's just for fun.

Points System:

  • League points
  • Goal difference
  • Points from EL group stage
  • 2 points for each round passed in domestic cups
  • 2 points for each knockout EL round passed
  • 20 points for 1st in league, 19 for 2nd, etcetera...


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