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Challenges The Big Six 1KC


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- The Big Six 1KC -



The 1KC: arguably the most popular challenge on Vibe today, but things can get very tedious and at times even too easy by staying loyal to 1 club. Loyalty is adorable and I'm sure we've all managed a Big Six team before, but how many of us can actually say they've managed all 6 in a single career? I haven't. Quite frankly never had any reason to either. 

The 1KC twist: Move from club to club in no particular order and have ONE player score at least 167 gls for each of EPL's Top-6 teams and reach a min. total of 1002 goals! I expect no wage demand related issues so clearly the difficulty lies in the fact that you and your player are to switch clubs 5! times. This costs very precious time - > time equals goals. You wanted a challenge?? If this ain't your cup of tea then this isn't the right challenge for you and I suggest you stick to a regular 1KC.

In numerical terms:

  • 167 gls - Arsenal
  • 167 gls - Chelsea
  • 167 gls - Liverpool
  • 167 gls - Man City
  • 167 gls - Man Utd
  • 167 gls - Tottenham +
  • 1002 gls - Total gls


The Challenge:

  • Regular 1KC rules apply
  • Score 167+ gls per club
  • Do all clubs in ANY order
  • 1002+ gls with ONE player
  • Have fun & Goodluck! 👍


The Big Six 1KC Leaderboard 



Alternative 1KC ideas:

1. The MLS 1KC

  • Score 1000 gls from West coast to East coast or vice versa. 

2. The London Based 1KC

  • Use London teams only to score 1000 gls. 

3. The Capital City 1KC

  • Amsterdam, Lisbon, Munich, Rome, Paris, Madrid etc, select 4 nations and score 250 gls in each capital city. 

4. The Bosphorus 1KC

  • Turkish giants Besiktas, Fenerbahce and Galatasaray for 1000? Sounds hard tbh. 

5. The City Derby 1KC

  • How about netting 500gls x2 with two teams from the same city? Torino & Juventus, Madrid & Atletico, 1860 Munich & Bayern etc. 

6. The Mediterranean 1KC

  • Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey.. which 4 leagues do you fancy scoring ¼ of 1KC x4 in?

7. The Domestic 1KC

  • Make your 1KC an entirely domestic affair. Excluding your player from ITN and Europe and going all in on league and domestic cup games. Yikes, the thought of it, but not impossible. 

8. The Journeyman 1KC

  • Add a randomness factor to your journey. Score a combined 1000 gls with whatever interesting clubs come along/available. Saves time increases goals.


The above are just ideas from the top of my head. Haven't given them that much thought (yet) but seem doable, tho the MLS one sounds risky tbf. I'm sure some may be very tough re player transfer/price/wages etc but that's part of the fun. And some tougher than others but it really depends on what type of challenge you're looking for. I guess what I'm trying to say is there's ALWAYS something you can do to make your career, especially longterm ones, stand out from others. Or what I've mentioned before, 1KCs can be very boring sometimes so give it some color. 

These aren't actual challenges yet so feel free to use any of these ideas. If there's one in particular you like go ahead and make it work for you and start a career thread. Or throw in a comment or idea below and we create a brand new one just for you. 👍

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34 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

Not sure whether you lost or gained more friends with that comment 😂 

Lol tbh Leicester is currently more stable, better players and manager, less toxic and better future too

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