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Challenges Area 51 Challenge


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Area 51 Challenge


OK, this one's seriously mental. I dunno what's gotten into me when creating this one, don't ask, but maybe there's 1 lunatic on Vibe who feels compelled.. so here goes.. 


Intro: For those unfamiliar with 'Area 51' let me briefly educate you on matters that will ease some of the inevitable confusion later on.. Area 51 is a highly classified sandy area in the USA, a southern portion of Nevada to be less vague, that is inhabited and controlled by none other than aliens of the meanest class!!! Not only is Area 51 sealed off to the public eye and ear, there's in fact aliens!!! hovering in our midst in every layer of society and on every corner of this planet. There. You've been told of Earth's best kept secret...to date.


You: Earth's fate is in your managerial hands. If that wasn't dooming enough, you are going to locate these aliens and form your football team. Create a winning tactic and mold a super successful alien team - achieve the impossible - which cunningly exposes the highly exceptional unearthly skills these non-humans possess and halt further invasion to save mankind!!! 


Me: I'm observing from a safe distance. 


Aliens: They are more than happy to comply as they have zero clue whatsoever - we hope - their stunning feat is going to be the key to unlocking their secret identity, and with that their evil ingenious plan to bring death and despair to all humans, rich or poor, beautiful or ugly, skilled or unskilled. Well, that's the plan our most brilliant brains have managed to come up with. God protect us!!! 


Location: In case you missed the memo, FMM's got its very own "Area 51", namely - > Player Search Page 51. I myself wouldn't dare coming anywhere near those cursed pages. For you, however, it's where these aliens are to be found and that's all you gotta remember. Whatever you filter, however you search by, never forget this word + number, P-A-G-E 5-1. Look! You can see all of 'em. On PAGE 51! 




Objective: The faster you complete the challenge, the louder your cheers and the clearer it becomes that the fans are looking at a football team that dominates the grass unlike any other team in footballing history. A supernaturally invincible one. One of the alien sorts. To achieve this level of grandeur one must accomplish the following:

  • Go on a 51-game unbeaten run 

Sounds easy? Continue the read.. 


Challenge Rules: 

  1. Unlockables: NO, Badges: YES
  2. Load any nation(s) - start at ANY club in ANY division
  3. Demote/Release/Sell every single player - build an entirely new squad of aliens
  4. Transfers - aliens gather on: 51st. Player Page Street. These are the only type of transfers you're allowed to make. (Hint: use the filters and search options to your advantage) 
  5. Screenshot Transfer Pages 51 - for alien verification purposes
  6. Go unbeaten for 51 games straight in ALL competitions - does NOT need to be achieved in a single season
  7. Leaderboard - quickest (by date) to achieve tops the leaderboard


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