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Challenges The Super Mario Challenge

Kun Aguero

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The Super Mario Challenge


Talking about players that are media favorites on and off the pitch, you certainly won't missed Mario Balotelli. Borned in Italy on 12th August 1990, with his parents being immigrants from Africa, Balotelli's name is often linked with racism. However all the reports about his misbehavior off the pitch certainly can't deny his talent in football. Played his debut match for Serie C side Lumezzane at the age of 15 years and 7 months old, he was the youngest player to ever play in the Italy football league. One year later, he joined Inter Milan's youth side, and got his debut on 17th December 2007, playing as a substitute for 2 minutes. He soon got his debut goal for Inter, 3 days later, in a Italy Cup match. With the age of 18, Balotelli had been a crucial part of Mancini's side that won the 07/08 season Serie A title, and he also broke the record of the youngest player to get a goal in the Champions League. However, his time in Inter didn't went long, after Jose Mourinho came in to replace Mancini, he faced some discipline problems as well as not having a good relationship with his manager. On 2010, he get his move to Manchester City in a deal worth 28 million Euros, reuniting with Mancini in the side that had just been bought by Abu Dhabi Group, and won the Golden Boy award in the same year. In his second season in City, he scored 2 goals in City's 6-1 trashing against Man United, and did the famous "Why Always Me?" celebration. He provided his first assist in his career in City's last league match against QPR, not only created the "Agueroooooo" moment but also handed City their first ever Premier League title.

Only 1 year later, he returned to Italy by joinng AC Milan in a deal worth 20 million Euros and scored 12 goals in 13 matches. He stayed in AC Milan for 18 months, scoring 30 goals in 54, before returning to Premier League again, joining Liverpool, as a replacement of Luis Suarez who had just left for Barcelona. With the high expectations, Balotelli had been a major flop, scoring only 4 goals in the entire season. After a disappointing season in Liverpool, he then returned to AC Milan in a loan deal, but was troubled by injuries in his 1 year stay in Milan.

On August 2016, Balotelli joined Ligue 1 side Nice for free, scoring 17 goals for the team in his first season in Nice. After 2 seasons in Nice, Balotelli was signed by another Ligue 1 side Marseille, and scored 8 goals for the team. In the last transfer window, Balotelli moved back to Italy yet again, this time joining Brescia, which is where he spent his childhood.

Despite being quite a flopped talent after having high expectations at a very young age, Balotelli still had a very impressive record, he had a 88% penalty conversion rate, missing only 5 penalties in 42 attempts, and it had been a perfect 100% conversion rate before missing his first penalty in the 2013/14 season. Often been a victim of racism which led to his departure from the Italy national team, Balotelli is one of the most "special" player on and off the pitch. With him playing in a much weaker Brescia side now, do you have what it takes to bring Balotelli back to his peak, and have him living up to expectations? 

The Challenge :

1. Start at any of the teams that Balotelli had played for : Inter Milan, Manchester City, AC Milan, Liverpool, Nice, Marseille and Brescia.

2. Sign Balotelli.

3. Have him maintaining his excellent penalty conversion rate (obviously you will have to play him as your main penalty taker).

4. Points will be given based on his goals/assists/trophies won and penalties scored.

5. Play until Balotelli's retirement. Points will be accumulated until then.


Bonus Challenge :

1. Get the Italy national team job (you may not start the save in the Italy national team)

2. Bring Balotelli back to the team

3. Points will be given based on his goals/assists/trophies won and penalties scored


Points System :

+1 for every goals and assists scored by Balotelli (the same applies in the national team)

+10 for winning the League with City or Liverpool / +20 for winning the League with Inter Milan, AC Milan, Nice or Marseille / +50 for winning the League with Brescia

+20 for winning the Champions League with City or Liverpool / +30 for winning the Champions League with Inter Milan, AC Milan, Nice or Marseille / +50 for winning the Champions League with Brescia

+1 for every penalty scored by Balotelli (the same applies in the national team)

-1 for every penalty missed by Balotelli (the same applies in the national team)

+10 for winning the Confederations Cup with Italy / +20 for winning the Euros with Italy / +30 for winning the World Cup with Italy 


So do you think you can bring Balotelli back to his best? Thanks for viewing and looking forward for someone to attempt this.


1. @Kanegan Marseille - 351 pts


Edited by Kun Aguero
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Just now, Lord Danish said:

How long do we have to complete this? I don’t think winning UCL with Brescia in the first season even possible

Before Balotelli retired I guess? Will add something about time limit in the challenge

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