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Chat Best team for a RTG this year? Plus a few questions.


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Obvious choice (at least for me) this year seems to be Billericay. Even though they have shocking facilities their rich status i am hoping will come up trumps in later seasons. Free agents list this year seems cack compared to previous years for a RTG season but hey ho!

It has been a long long time since i went far in with a RTG so have a few questions, specifically regarding a Billericay RTG:

  • How many seasons do you usually have to play for the board to be willing to improve facilities?
  • How much of an effect will being rich have in later years if at all? 2-3 years in how much more of a budget will that give me vs a team who isn't rich?
  • For the first few seasons i usually just pump all of my money into wage budget and signing best free agents an contract endings i can and then simply replacing them doing the same next season - should i be trying to buy some young players to bring through straight of the bat?

Anyone else put forward any alternatives? Thanks :) 


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I have already tried the normal routine of selling all first team players and replacing with free agents in the bottom leagues but this year it is extremely difficult. Tried with Chelmsford and they could offer max wage of 500 pound a week, I could sign about 5 half decent players but their contracts all had ridiculously low release clauses in them and they would accept nothing less than the 500 pound a week. Tried another save with Billericay as a test and they are much easier but the standard of free agents compared to the past are dreadful. Having said that a couple of decent players I managed to pick up for them were McCulloch (CDM) and Bossin(GK). Due to these test saves I would say try and stick with what you have already got and pick up one or two players to improve squad in opening season. Makes the game a hell of a lot more realistic anyway.

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