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Tactics 5-2-3 WB


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My first ever FM Mobile game, and my first ever tactic. Actually, this one comes way back from FM 2018. And one might say it's a bit cheaty. But I like playing with this one as long as it keeps going. 

I choose Gümüshanespor from Turkish 3rd League. This is actually from my second year on the team. First year we finished 13th, but managed to get the championship this season.
















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Just now, mustafa58 said:

There are too many rental players :))))

Why does that matter? If the tactic helps the player to finish high in the league and qualify for European competition, there will be more money to buy better players.

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I think a lot of hired players kill realism.Achieving success with your own players is more realistic but I'm not against the player.You don't agree with most players at the end of the year.This is my idea.I have no word for tactics :)


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2 minutes ago, mustafa58 said:

I think a lot of hired players kill realism.Achieving success with your own players is more realistic but I'm not against the player.You don't agree with most players at the end of the year.This is my idea.I have no word for tactics :)


Well you're right. Normally I always prefer my own young stars, but starting in the deep of Turkish League system, in a team like Gümüshanespor, you don't get much of an option than renting players from other "powerful" teams. With almost 100k transfer bugdet, rental players is the best option probably. (And of course, I couldn't find any free players that are good enough for my squad too.) 

So, starting with many rental players in the first couple of seasons, and than getting your own young stars is the best option without a proper bugdet. (And unfortunately 2 years in a row, I couldn't get any young players from my academy ☹️)

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Hi UtkuTurgut

I use this tactic with my Fiorentina in first season and the result was great!

I finish 2nd in leagues without bought any player in (Just sign one free player) 

Here the table

At start of the season I hope my team qualified Ueropa that would be enough but this tactic bring me to finish 2nd

Less conceded, Less Goal but EffectiveScreenshot_20191125_121548_com_sega.soccer.thumb.jpg.07628dee0c85ac4223f90781c7e12d3c.jpg

My player


Just sign Rajkovic for free to back up but he can get his place in first team


Knock out in Italian cup first round to Lazio


Player Stat


Some stat against Big team


After test 4-5 Tactic I found this tactic suit with my Team very much

Thanks for sharing this tactic

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