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Career My 1st career on FMM20 -Levadiakos F.C aka The Blue-Greens


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Good Evening All,


Choosing the club

For my 1st Career on any new Football Manager, I start unemployed in a new Country added to the game & see how I get on. Therefore, The club that chose me was Levadiakos F.C, a team who have struggled in Greek Football, only achieving promotion to the 2nd Division in 2008. I was thrilled at the opportunity to turn this small underdog into a club of champions.


Stadium & Facilities

The Levadiakos stadium was built in 1952 and holds over 5,900 fans, with the average attendance currently at 5,000 fans which is good. The 1st Team & Youth training facilities are acceptable. If this club wants to become big, it will need to improve the Stadium & it's facilities.


Holiday & Assistant Manager

As with my other saves, my process as manager involves setting out my holiday stance and delegation as seen below:


Staff,Finance & Training

When I first came to the club, Levadiakos F.C only had 3x good(Silver) coaches & 1x Physio. This has now been improved with all Staffing positions filled & even some World Class Coaches & Pyshio's at the club. The Finances when I arrived were small with only £71k in my 1st Season but this has also been improved due to smart selling & buying. Training is delegated to my World Class Assistant Manager Giannis Providas who has been at the club since the start.



I use my Tiki Taka System shown below for Levadiakos F.C. The results started off extremely inconsistent with a Win-Lose-Win run in my 1st (Close of season) & 2nd Seasons. The 3rd season has improved massively with the defence being solid but the attack working well. I must admit that throughout all 3x seasons and even in difficult results, the football we were playing was beautiful! Just a bit too leaky.



When I first came to Levadiakos F.C, the squad was aging with some players some quality but most needing to be released. The players coming in have been young Greek Nationals. The success rate has been up & down, for example: a young left back I bought is consistently getting poor ratings, However, a new striker bought in has been smashing in the goals.



In my 3rd Season at Levadiakos F.C, we won the Greek Superleague 2 Title!!!!🥳🥳🥳 My 1st Season was short & I was drafted to the club at the end of 2020, finishing an impressive 4th position. The 2nd Season was good but inconsistent, ending in 4th position again! Finally, in the 3rd Season through a few signings & the squad improving, we had a fantastic season ending the season 11 points ahead!

Can this impressive start continue?...


Manager Stats


League Stats


Screenshot_20191121-214744_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20191121-214722_FM20 Mobile.jpgScreenshot_20191121-214903_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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How long do you plan on keeping this save going ? Any long term goals ? A Greek team going head to head with the big names in Europe would be amazing. I'm currently learning the game by playing Everton and emulating your style of play, the players at Everton are really decent at passing so that's a big positive

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Many thanks @BatiGoal

Thanks also to @Robert Ssfor your comment.I Love the thought of an Everton File-they have potential but are not playing at it at the moment. Please feedback how your career goes! To answer your questions Robert, I would like to do this for the full 30 years & winning the champions league would be unbelievable as a long term goal.

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6 minutes ago, SSolas said:

Many thanks @BatiGoal

Thanks also to @Robert Ssfor your comment.I Love the thought of an Everton File-they have potential but are not playing at it at the moment. Please feedback how your career goes! To answer your questions Robert, I would like to do this for the full 30 years & winning the champions league would be unbelievable as a long term goal.

Everton lacks in the wingback department and the midfield is getting old.  The quality lies in the attack department I find. Defense wise there is a world-class youngster who can play BPD and two other defenders who are good enough for a top division position. 

There are at least 4 players that are word class, combined with some smart signings and Everton is a serious threat. 

As for the results, I got lucky or the premier League doesn't know how to handle control tactics ? 

Currently sitting at second place, lost 3 games and two draws. 45% of the season done. It's a good time to be a hyena in the premier League, Arsenal, Manchester United and Chelsea are not doing as good as they should and I'm closing in boyyyy 


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My Levadiakos FC Progress..

Stadium & Facilities

The Stadium & Facilities have improved greatly in the last few seasons. Levadiakos FC now has State of the Art 1st Team & Youth Team training facilities. The Stadium Capacity risen to fit in 28,000 fans.


Staff,Finance & Training

Training is still delegated over to my World Class Assistant Manager Giannis Providas. Our Finances are in the green and is something I work hard on. Our Backroom Staff team has also been improved.



I have amended the Tactic slightly from above. I changed the mentality to Attacking because I wanted the squad to play a more progressive style of football(on the front foot). At 1st this amendment made the defence leakier but once settled into, we really started playing well & winning matches



I have maintained my transfer strategy of trying to leave the squad alone as much as possible. I only transfer or release players who drop below the standards expected of them( Key attributes under 10 as per FMM20 Manual). We aim to sign players who were Greek and between 19-25 yo.



The results have been hugely positive, winning the Greek Super League back-to-back(26-27 & 27-28) & Greek Cup(2028)! The new tactic has been massively successful and it has taken 7 Seasons to reach the top of Greek Football. The next step has to be making Levadiakos FC into European challengers.


Manager Statistics


League Statistics


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Amazing progress! Do you plan on signing players that are not Greek in the future ? I'm thinking if you want to be somewhat realistic, you could look at your neighbors like Bulgaria, Albania or Turkey, maybe even Italy. I wonder, did you notice a significant change in the players that would join your team ? 

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Evening All, 

Just a quick update on my file with APOL Levadeiakos.

It is the year 2033 and we have won the Treble! The Greek Super League, The Greek Cup and the UEFA Champions League!!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳


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My Career at APO Levadiakos Football Club

Today I have finished my 1st Full 30 year Career on Football Manager Mobile 2020 with APO Levadiakos Football Club. The career was more competitive than I thought it would be & took over 6 years to get promoted and eventual winners of the Greek Super League. There was then a further struggle to establish a small Greek Football team successfully into the Champions League!  The feeling of succeeding with these, is what made this a fantastic career.

Personal stats

The career has taken me 1 week & 3 days to complete. This is a long time, especially with one club. This being said, what a 30 year career it has been at APO Levadiakos as seen in the images below.

The club has won over 60 competition's across the 30 years. This includes 22 League titles and 39 Cup wins, with 11x Champions League trophies. The club has been very successful during my reign as manager.

I was even offered the chance to manage the French National Team, which I accepted. During my spell as their manager, I won Euro 2036 & the UEFA Nations League in 2037. My win rate and cups won indicate I was successful in this role but the FA chose to change me.

Finally, the game stated that I had an "outstanding career as a successful football manager" . I managed 1618 matches across the 30 years, winning 1,128 of them(69.72%). My reputation on the game was "World Class" due to this and throughout my career, I was "revered" by my squad. This was also proven when I won World Coach of the year.


Clubs stats

APO Levadiakos has grown a lot in the 30 years I have managed them. When I came to the club, they had a stadium which only held just under 6,000 stadium but has now got a capacity of 110,000!!!. In addition to this, the youth & 1st team facilities were average when I first arrived but are now State of the Art! This shows how successful the club has been over my reign.

please see additional statistics below:



I have really enjoyed this career with APO Levadiakos. It felt interesting managing in one of the new countries & I found the Greek League to be very competitive. The competitiveness made the career challenging but very satisfying when the squad finally came together and trophies started to arrive.

I would recommend this Country to anyone interested in a challenging save. The location is a beautiful place to manage in and I will miss APO Levadiakos a lot. This career will live long in the memory! 🙂


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