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Help Managerial badge progression


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So, having bought FMM20, I thought I'd splurge on the all items bundle in the store, too. First time I've done this, but I had a load of Google credit (thanks, opinion rewards) and figured "why not". 

This leaves one question for a career though, while I can choose to have a gold coaching badge and superstar reputation, what happens if I choose bronze, say, and just a normal reputation? Will my coaching badge progress to silver and gold as I earn achievements? 


Sorry if this is an obvious question, but with the last couple of versions of FMM I've played, every new game I've started I've gone with the highest level of starting badge and reputation available, so once I'd earned gold coaching, that's all I used. 

I want to try a realistic career, taking on a lower league job and seeing what I can do. 

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A lot of the challenges will state whether you can use your gold badge and superstar reputation or not. The thing with the gold badge is that if you have it unlocked and only use bronze, as soon as you start your game and go to take your coaching exam it will bump you straight up to gold. It’s was like that last year but maybe not this. I personally like to allow gold badges if I’m setting a challenge, reputation can be different as you get a higher transfer budget and more respect from your players on superstar but the default household name is good also and you may well increase this to superstar on your save depending on the challenge and how successful you are.

If you find a challenge you like the look of and it doesn’t state anything about this in the rules then I’d recommend you to drop a comment in the said challenge thread and ask the creator :)

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Thanks for the reply, Ian. 

I'm not looking too much at forum challenges yet, more the personal one of taking a job at a club like Gloucester (see my career post) and progressing from there. 

It would be frankly unrealistic to expect a manager with top coaching qualifications and reputation to be at such a club, so starting low appealed to me. 

I guess I'll have to see what happens on said career when I get to take a coaching exam. 

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So, update here. Having played and earned 10 achievements in the store, I went for the coaching exam and indeed got bumped straight to gold. 

Spot on, Ian 

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