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Challenges The Amateur Challenge


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The Amateur Challenge 


This challenge was first created and played by @Ashez in 2012 at a time that the game only counted a single amateur team. Only 1. Seven versions later in FMM19 the number of amateur teams increased to 9. And now in FMM20 we're handed a staggering 48! amateur teams. That's a very large number of teams with FMM's (respectfully) shittiest players. An increase primarily due to the inclusion of the Danish league as well as extra Portuguese and Welsh amateur clubs to test your managerial skills. So I thought an update was in order to give the community another reason to play this game.

The objective - the challenge is very simple to understand yet not so simple to execute. You're starting out as an amateur manager and need to build your amateur club's reputation as well your own. Pick one of the available 48 amateur teams, that'll be either in Denmark, Portugal, Scotland or Wales - see list below, and climb up the ranks all the way up to the nation's top division to become the very best - win the Top Division to complete The Amateur Challenge.


DENMARK (13 amateur teams) 

Division: 2. Division

  • Aarhus Fremad
  • Brabrand IF
  • Dalum
  • FA 2000
  • FC Sydvest 05
  • FC Vestsjaelland
  • Hillerød
  • Holbaek B&I
  • Naesby BK
  • Skovshoved
  • Vanløse IF
  • Vejgaard
  • VSK Aarhus


PORTUGAL (15 amateur teams) 

Division: PCA

  • Berço SC
  • Câmara de Lobos
  • CD Cerveira
  • GD Bragança
  • Maria da Fonte

Division: PCB

  • Castro Daire
  • Gin. Figueirense
  • Paredes
  • Vila Real

Division: PCC

  • Condeixa
  • Fontinhas
  • União de Santarém
  • Vitória de Sernache

Division: PCD

  • Esperança de Lagos
  • Sintra Football


SCOTLAND (1 amateur team) 

Division: LL2

  • Queen's Park


WALES (19 amateur teams) 

Division: Premier League

  • Cardiff Met Uni

Division: JD Cymru North

  • Corwen
  • Gresford
  • Llanfair
  • Llanrhaeadr
  • Ruthin

Division: JD Cymru South

  • Ammanford
  • Briton Ferry
  • Caerau Ely
  • Cambrian & Clydach Vale
  • Cwmamman
  • Cwmbran Celtic
  • Goytre United
  • Llantwit Major
  • Pontypridd
  • STM Sports
  • Swansea Uni
  • Taffs Well
  • Undy



  • Starting Reputation: Unknown
  • Coaching Badges: None
  • Unlockables: None
  • Reloading: No
  • Have fun 😎
Edited by BatiGoal
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10 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

That'll be 47 before long. Not exactly what you'd call a shortage either way. I'll update as soon as they turn (semi-)professional ingame. Thanks mate! 

But they're the original and where this challenge begun lol, all the way back in 2012 😮

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2 minutes ago, Ashez said:

But they're the original and where this challenge begun lol, all the way back in 2012 😮

How's that for a flavor of real-life FMM turning amateurs into pros 👍 

I refuse your invitation to go down the emotional channel, like you always do 🤭, and celebrate their soon to be historical achievement. 

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12 minutes ago, RobNemoo said:

Nice challenge! Want to try this one for sure.

Thanks. Same here, it's just one of those challenges that I must attempt. It's imo what FMM is all about. 

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