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Tactics 352 - Conte style


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Hi all,

This is a tactic i've cobbled together and tweaked a bunch. Trying to match up to Conte's tactics at Internazionale for the 19/20 season.

Disclaimer; im only into january of season 1, but the results are promising so far.

The benefits for me, is that the tactic can be very flexible based on your opponent or the match itself. It can easily push into a highly offensive set up or drop into a contain/backs against the wall to protect a lead or see our a tight match up.

Key for me so far has been to adjust the two forwards to have 1 primary attacker and one more supporting striker, trying to match these the tow forwards available. so combos of Adf/CF or Pcr/DLF etc

to defend or contain, drop the wingbacks and the DLP back, changing the DLP to a DM

to attack, push the wingers up and change the DLP to an APM (push him up too if you want, but this can expose you a little to a counter. If you've the player available, change your central BPD into a Libero

If the tactic works fo ryou, great - if you find ways to improve it or better it, id love to know

Credit to tifotactics on youtube and Statman Dave for details and information

PS - please ignore the loss to Atalanta in the coppa... that was an experiment with mostly reserves that failed spectacularly








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It looks interesting and very similar to Conte's 3x5x2.

I made only a few changes, backed Brozovic to form a triangle in midfield and maybe switch his role to DM. Also switched Sensi's role to AP, at Inter the whole game goes through him, and he has been one of the top 5 players in Serie A so far, and the recent breakdowns in Inter's results owed his injury.

Then I switched the forward's roles to TM in the case of Lukaku and P or AF to Lautaro. Finally, he took the work into the box and swapped the early crosses for the look for overlap for the wingers to give more depth. 

But all this is just my opinion, and it's the way I see Conte's Inter, probably won't even work on fmm. And you did a great job, just look at the results. 

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Update, season complete and I was able to win the europa league. No major incomings except for a wonderkid keeper and a few young player loans (as backup)

tightest defense in the league by a long long way. Chopped up the system a little with the two CMs.


now AP/BBM






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