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Chat FMM20 Funny Moments

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Classic match at the San Siro. AC Milan were a man short, so we loaned them Marco Pinto for the second half (we're nice like that). Pinto then went and got injured and had to come off. But I told him: "Push your ankle back into the socket and get back out there!!" and he went out there and got the final goal needed for his hat trick. So proud!


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I liked this scout report...

"So, what did you make of John?"

"Well, he's definitely raw, but there's a lot to like - I reckon he's worth a look, he could become a good player"

"Nice! How much do you reckon we could get him for?"

"Hmm, yeah - probably looking at £20m or so, and to be honest they might push us up to nearly £30m"

"Oof! But, if you say he's worth it, I'm in. What about his wages, what are we looking at?"

"Could be as low as £2.5k but he might ask for three-quarters of a million..."

"........you're fired"

Screenshot_20200831-103916_FM20 Mobile.jpg

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No screen shots sadly

Played the FA Cup final at work in from of the lads, had a kick off time and make the match longer for fun of it.

Anyways lost the match due to a player being sent off so I fined him two weeks ages due to high emotions, he kicks off about not being a aggressive player and so on, weeks later he gets my Scottish team knocked out the cup mainly due to getting a red card.

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Super Luck

Opposition gets two reds at the same minute and give an own goal one minute after😂😂


Goal disallowed from a player who was on the bench 😂😂


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He keeps calling me up saying I shouldn't have sold him...


Of course it's the other Silva, still with us, who thinks it was a mistake, but it's funny the game chose him to complain about it.

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24 minutes ago, RichD said:


I would say it’s his son, but I don’t think he would have one at the age of 8 🤔

😂 You never know with them Scousers, they're a different breed from most

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