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Career The Augusta Challenge: Ian Vs Foxy - 14th Hole Results

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17 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Sometimes even the easy looking finals are tough and as we know they could go either way. So sitting on a birdie is a good position to be in. Well played @Ian

Cheers Bati, yes I’ve noticed finals can be even more random this year and also derby games so it was nice to get the wins this time, just a shame about the League Cup defeat but can’t be helped.

17 hours ago, Kanegan said:

Well played mate. This is really going down the wire. 

Thanks Kane, a lot hinges on the next couple of holes for me and if Foxy can hit an Eagle on this one then he’d be in a great position going forward.

8 hours ago, Foxy said:

Really unlucky with that League Cup Quarter as if you had got through the shootout you would have probably walked the next two rounds.

A birdie is an excellent result for this hole though.

Thank you Foxy, we had a few injuries and I maybe got my rotation slightly wrong and paid the price. I thought then that it could maybe turn into a disaster but fortunately everything went well after that and the squad was in a much better state for the second season.

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I was looking forward to this hole as although I knew it would never be easy it was nice to be able to build my squad how I wished and use which ever tactic I felt best without any restrictions on needing to play certain players or sell/buy certain players.

I need at least a 🐦 to keep ahead of @Ian otherwise he will have clawed back my two hole advantage in the last two holes we have played.

It wasn’t a great start as I lost in the WCC final but as this competition doesn’t count for this challenge as it is played every 4 years it didn’t matter that much.


Lets do this on a competition by competition basis.

Premier League

Let’s start with the easiest competition to win. I say that simply because I have a world class squad and even a few lost points if I rest players isn’t going to make that much difference over the course of 38 games.


There was no mistakes in the long run as we won back to back titles although there were no unbeaten seasons.
Season 1


Season 2


Champions League

Next up we will look at what I think is the 2nd easiest competition to win when you have a world class squad. I say this because you have a group stage and then 2 leg matches up to the final so the game can’t shithouse you and knock you out based on just one bad performance. The final is a different matter but then it comes a couple of weeks after the league finishes so your fit players are at 100% so again you go in with a good chance if you have a deep and quality squad.


We played the Zebre’s of Turin (I cba with the name fix) in both finals with the first match looking tight in t score line compared to the 2nd but the match stats telling a different story as we were simply more clinical in the 2nd game and Zebre weren’t.
Season 1


Season 2


Super Cups

The Super Cup and Community Shield come nice and early when the players are fully fit but they are one off matches and mistakes can happen.


I had some tough games with Man Utd twice in season 1 and then my bogey team Liverpool in Season 2 but again we got the job done.
Season 1


Season 2


FA Cup

So much depends on the draw you get but with replays in the early rounds at least there can be a 2nd chance to get through.


The win over Liverpool in season 1 was quite routine but I had a right ting dong battle with Spurs in the 2nd season.
Season 1


Season 2

League Cup


This is probably my least successful competition when I play in England perhaps because it is the least important cup but as most of the games come early in the season when the squad shouldn’t be as tired it is strange.

Season 1

I had a plum draw for the final as I took on mid table Bournemouth with predictable results.


That means if I won the League Cup in Season 2 I would have completed a clean sweep in both seasons and will get a coveted 🦅

Season 2


It was bloody close and only a goal from star striker Mula 6 minutes from the end got me the win I wanted.

That does mean I gained an 🦅 on this hole and re establish my two hole cushion as we go into the final 5 holes.

It also puts me at 10 under for the round which is exactly the same as @BatiGoal was on at this stage two years ago but it is three behind course record holder @Nucleus at this stage in his attempt.



Up next...

Hole 14 - Chinese Fir (Par 4)

A very attractive hole full of the originally Spanish turned Chinese flowers and one that is very possible to birdie. Just what is needed after a devilish experience in Amen Corner. It's a fairly kind challenge (really!) and shouldn't cause too much stress!

Challenge - Buy a strike force of a Spaniard and a Chinese. Must *combined* score as many between them in all competitions as possible in one season.

Birdie - 90 goals

Par - 70 goals

Bogey - 50 goals

Double Bogey - 25 goals

Triple Bogey - 24 or less goals


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Nice Eagle Mr Fox and it’s looking highly likely you’ll be wearing the green jacket at the end.

12 minutes ago, BatiGoal said:

A hole (😂) lot of pressure on @Ian now.. 

I’m at the stage now where I guess I’m just playing for my pride.

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Welcome back to another preview and after a 4th hole in a row that produced a result it was Foxy who regained his 2 hole lead. Ian has only won 1 of the last 9 holes which will be worrying for him as he will need to win 3 of the last 5 challenges to overhaul his opponent or 2 to take us into a playoff situation. It’s a big ask and the bookies don’t give him much chance but can he prove his doubters wrong?

Overall Odds

@Foxy - 1/8

@Ian - 13/2

Hole 14 will be a tough one for Ian to make any ground back as although it’s not the toughest of challenges you’d expect these two to be quite closely matched on this one. Foxy has the form books on his side and although the halve will be a comfortable favourite here if anyone is likely to snatch it it’ll probably be the Gloucestershire Gladiator.

The start of a very important run of challenges for Ian and he quite simply cannot afford to lose this one.

Hole 14 Odds (Chinese Fir)

@Foxy - 5/2

Hole Halved - 4/9

@Ian - 3/1

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This looked like another fun challenge with a birdie within reach if not exactly simple to get. I had to sign a Chinese and Spanish striker and then between them get as many goals as possible with 90+ being the aim for a birdie.

When myself and @Ian discussed doing this challenge as a H2H we decided that the Chinese league would be a good one to load as a couple of the challenges ask for Asian or Chinese players. This has meant we have a decent pick of players from over there and luckily I was able to get quite a good Chinese striker.


As for my Spanish guy that was never likely to be much of a problem although it was a shame that I had to buy one as I already had a couple of quality Spanish strikers already.


Here is my transfers to show I did buy them both this season.



After the hole when I had to sell most of the squad I managed to rebuild the squad using youngsters from my reserves and players I bought in as well as some big price players from other clubs. The youngsters are now in there early 20s and it has given me an excellent squad so I was hoping I wouldn’t need any real tactical magic for this challenge.

I went with a pretty simple 442.


I was relatively lucky with injuries with just a few knocks to both players although Chen missed a few games early in the season and a couple of weeks later in the season.


The simple tactic and quality squad and strikers  meant that they started like a train and by early March they had scored 77 goals between them meaning they needed just 13 goals in a minimum of 14 more games although it could be many more with CL games.


The lads had a down turn in form from then on especially Chen who only scored another 4 more goals in 13 more appearances. They had been scoring at 1.75 GpG but by the end of the season that had dropped to 1.66 GpG.

Luckily it was enough to get 93 goals for the season and secured me a birdie.


This puts me on -11 for the round.


Any Other Business




Player Stats



Thanks for reading and all comments are appreciated.

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After we we saw @Foxy hit a Birdie yesterday it’s safe to say there’s practically no margin for error left for me and I just need a Birdie here. Can I get it?

I was fairly happy with the options available and ended up going for the highest valued players from both nationalities. You can see below that they are both decent players and I was confident they would be able to score goals. Neither were particularly good in the air though and I’d imagine plenty will be thinking they look too similar to make a good partnership so it’s up to them to prove their doubters wrong.



I went for something a bit different tactically which was as a bit risky but the idea had got stuck in my head so I had to try it.


The team missed out on the FA Cup as we lost out in the quarter final against Wolves in one of those hard to stomach games where we just couldn’t convert our chances. We did win all of the other competitions though whilst also going unbeaten in the league which is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned.








I have always had trouble getting the goals to spread out evenly with two up top and this season proved no different as the Chinese guy stole the show. He was on the right of the two and always near post for all corners but there wasn’t really a ridiculous amount of corner action going on here plus I often tried swapping them and frustratingly the Chinese guy would then usually score the next goal from the left to annoy me. Unfortunately the Chinese lad suffered a few injuries and only ended up playing 48 games and scoring 50 goals. The Spanish lad did seem to improve as the season went on and ended up on 33 goals from his 57 games so not quite enough to take the Birdie unfortunately. It would be easy to just blame the injuries to Ahmat but he still scored 50 goals and it’s more my inability to get the Spanish lad to score that I’ll look back on.



Stats and Transfers







So that Par puts me on -8 for the round and three shots behind @Foxy who will now surely go on to win the H2H. All is not lost for me though as I’m really enjoying the course and I can only play on and try to get the best score I can.


Here’s a preview of what awaits us on hole 15.

temp flower

Hole 15 - Firethorn (Par 5)

Firethorn is one of the most famous holes at Augusta and is probably one of the easiest as well with the green make-able in 2 shots. In FMM terms, this is a great opportunity to gain back some much needed momentum going into the final three seasons.

Challenge - Buy a North American AMC who must get as many assists in 2 seasons as possible in all competitions.

Eagle - 90 assists

Birdie - 65 assists

Par - 45 assists

Bogey - 25 assists

Double Bogey - 24 or less assists

Thanks for reading.

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That injury really cost you there as he would have certainly got those extra 7 goals for you if he could have had just a few extra games.

I love that tactic as well especially with how basic my 442 was. That was the same tactic I used in my Foxy Jr/Kane regen DT last year and it relies on nothing but having great players tbh.

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