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Career Rauz's 1kc Attempt: Erling Haaland (Season 3)


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Hey everyone! This will be my first challenge ever on here and I can't wait to get stuck in. Last year I privately made some dimwitted attempts at a 1KC with admittedly poor results but I after some experimenting with FMM20 I feel like this the one!



AFC Ajax was my pick as they aren't a truly massive or strong club like the Barcelona's or PSG's of the world but they do have a decent transfer and wage budget as well as several young players with tonnes of potential.




Not the most interesting choice in world but he has mad attributes to be an outstanding TM, is still very young and will be super interesting to eventually manage the Norwegian national team.



Got Haaland for a decent price plus a peaked WB that I would've soon replaces anyways (Tagliafico). Picked up some other young players including super kids Rober and Almada on great deals which have set the team up for the long term future. I didn't initially plan to sell Onana but I couldn't resist the $57M USD from Liverpool. (Ironically he was listed later in the year due to a lack of playing time for $34M USD)


I've got a tactic I'm really hoping will work out and strong, young squad. The only question I have is whether or not his previous goals count towards the 1KC, he has scored 33 career goals before I this challenge begun. Im aware international goals not under your control don't count but any clarification on club goals would be super helpful!

So here we go, Im glad to have you along and look forward to the ride!

0/100 or 33/100*


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1 hour ago, Rauz said:

The only question I have is whether or not his previous goals count towards the 1KC, he has scored 33 career goals before I this challenge begun. Im aware international goals not under your control don't count but any clarification on club goals would be super helpful!

Nothing counts if it wasn't under your management. 

Top club, top player, weak league. You're halfway there 👍 goodluck! 

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8 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Nothing counts if it wasn't under your management. 

Top club, top player, weak league. You're halfway there 👍 goodluck! 

Thanks for clearing that up, thought that would be the case!

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Just finished up the first season, and lets say the results were very pedestrian....

The Player


Kind of disappointed with the progression but there really isn't much room to improve, mentoring was ineffective with Siem de Jong. This SS is from the very start of season 2.IMG_1655.thumb.PNG.90f4bea8305e1e00a6fcd45e32c37126.PNG 

Haaland managed to score 56 times this season in 39 games and 2 international goals that don't count towards the challenge but did miss around 6 weeks suffering two twisted knees. IMG_1647.thumb.PNG.974de2db1c1f3c61f73e39c248324e03.PNG


The squad did fairly well winning the Everidise, but was outed soundly in the first round of the champions league by PSG. Some of the lads performed well and many players are quickly developing.IMG_1648.thumb.PNG.fc0490e2a53295cd89c9e738b5427bd3.PNGIMG_1649.thumb.PNG.5b0d4269982e91e963badeb0d8fb1435.PNGIMG_1650.thumb.PNG.9e9265a6a8bb01dfda6af241b1217031.PNG


The goals for season two is mainly to keep up this pace and keep Erling healthy all year round and getting his stamina. This should really help increase his scoring pace! Hopefully the rest of the team continues to develop allowing the team to play more games in the Champions league and so they can better feed Haaland! 

I will be away in the USA this weekend so it may be a bit longer till I get season two done with but I will post it as soon as possible!


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Season 2

Sorry about the delay, didn't have as much time to play as I was away in the USA and busy with school this past week. Hopefully future updates will be quicker and more regular the next time around.

 The Player

Haaland's attributes to begin the season:


Haaland at the end of the season:IMG_1712.thumb.PNG.9c21281f3b9b6170316db4b6530f48be.PNG

He showed some nice improvement in his physical stats especially stamina, hopefully allowing him to stay on the field more! He is essentially capped out but still has 1 more improvement (when the training bar fills post game).


This season he managed to score 63 goals in 43 club matches suffering one small injury that kept him out for a short while.

He won Dutch young player of the year, Dutch player of the Year, Dutch media player of the year, led the league in goals and won the Dutch golden boot all for the second straight year.

Early on the season, the goals were kind of slow but throughout the year some tweaks improved it, especially in the last 10 games when a change really seemed to hit the spot leading to some legendary performances!IMG_1704.thumb.PNG.68d1bbd9bcf81f58fca0b4e0728ac46d.PNG

His single game best!


A hat trick in the Dutch Cup final including a late goal to tie it up and two goals in extra time to win it! Will surely go down as one of the greatest games in Ajax history!

The Team

The team performed very similar to how they did a season ago, winning the Eredivise and Dutch cup again but took a slight step back in the champions league failing to advance out of the group stages after drawing into a tough pool with Chelsea, Sevilla, and PSG. The teamed stocked up on more young talent and current players continued to develop. I was able to invest a tonne into the teams future after PSG offered $118 Million for Lisandro Martinez which I couldn't resist.





The Future

The next couple of seasons will be very crucial for this challenge. As of right now, Haaland simply isn't playing enough games. This is due to the shorter season of the Eredivise and lack of Champions League success. As well as that, Haaland and other top talents at the club are adamant about leaving for a bigger club and I can only deny them for so long or till their contracts expire.IMG_1658.thumb.PNG.697b3e712422087edfaf347538391317.PNG

That said, a move to another club may be on the horizon unless the clubs youngsters and current players can quickly developed into a team capable of a deep champions league run.

Also I have become aware that the Norwegian national team is unplayable in FMM20 which is disappointing and makes this challenge that much harder. Regardless, we will push on, and with the tactic changes the goal total should skyrocket up!

On to season 3!




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