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Challenges FMM Goes to the Movies: The Godfather

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FMM Goes to the Movies: The Godfather



Francis Coppola's masterpiece takes us deep into the world of New York's Mafia during the post-war years.

The film focuses on the Corleone family as they try to assert their control over 1940's New York. Don Vito, the head of the family, and his sons battle against the other families for power whilst trying to keep their own family from imploding.

An initially reluctant Michael, the youngest son, eventually takes his father's place as the head of the family and, in the climax of the film, demonstrates just why you do not make an enemy of 'the family'.

I cannot do this film justice in a short write up. If you have never seen it, watch it, NOW! Then come a play the challenge.

Think of this as an offer...that you cannot refuse!

The Challenge

Play as one of the New York families - NY Red Bulls or NYCFC.

Sign your Don Vito. Must be an Italian midfielder/forward over 30.

Sign your future Don, Michael. Must be an Italian striker but under 23.

How much of the US can you 'control'? You must win territory battles against other families.
To do this you must have a better head-to-head record against any given team over the course of the league season. This does include any post-season playoffs and the MLS final, but not regular cup matches.

The MLS is split into 2 conferences, Eastern (11 families + your NY family) and Western (12 families).

To control the Western territories you must win the 1 battle you have against each family. (If you reach the post-season MLS Cup final, you will battle one of these families a 2nd time. You must have a better head-to-head record to control their territory)

To control the Eastern territories you must have a better head-to-head record in the 2 battles you have against each family. (If you reach the post-season playoffs you may battle some of these families a 3rd time. Head-to-head rules still apply)

Points = +10 for every territory controlled at the end of the season. - 10 points for every territory controlled by another family.
Drawn territories = 0.

Bonus points: Michael goals scored + Don Vito assists.

All usual challenge rules apply.

Go on, go make your bones.


Full film index link

Wall of Fame

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