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Career Aston Villa - Return To Glory


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Hi lads

I'm not new to the game as I'm not inexperienced, but not experienced. Last year I did numerous different saves including Hereford to the premier League (delighted as it's my hometown team (°¢°)) but this year I'm primarily focused on Aston Villa, the team I'm a diehard fan for and an interesting one. Spending a ridiculous amount of money from a promoted side is crazy and even any English side spending that is fascinating. So I'm having a go at an Aston Villa save with specific rules like:

  • At least 9 English players
  • At most 9 foreign players
  • 18 players in the first team (not including youth/reserve teams

I hope you help me both morally and how to use this site

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13 hours ago, Massey127 said:

Best of luck mate and looking forward to this one

Pressure be like! Don't worry I got this.

To be fair Villa have so many foreign players and there aren't good enough English players to replace them

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