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Challenges Roster Size Challenge


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I have the last couple editions of the game sometimes tried to play leagues within their actual squad size rules in real life.  Having a few less players then the default 40 roster size adds a bit of a challenge.  It is not always easy to figure out what each league's roster rules are though and I was hoping others here might help me fill in the rules for all of the leagues on FMM20.  To start here are simplified versions of the Premiere League and MLS.  MLS is crazy complicated so open to suggestions on what to include here that is a good balance of realism versus practicalities of what information we get from FMM20.  (For example holders of U.S. green cards do not count against the international cap in MLS but I am not sure how you identify that without a lot of research outside of the game.  MLS also treats international spots as trade-able between its teams but I have no idea on how to incorporate that in FMM20).

Premiere League

  • Max squad size is 25 (for players 21 and above)
  • 25 player limit does not apply to players on roster in academy and under-21
  • Limit of 17 non-homegrown players (there must be at least eight homegrown players)
  • Homegrown player must be on an English team for at least three years before the age of twenty-one.

Serie A

  • Max squad size is 25 (for players 21 and above)
  • 25 player limit does not apply to players on roster that are club-trained Italians and under 21
  • A minimum of 8 Italy-based players must be club-trained meaning they are attached to any Italian club for a minimum of 3 years before turning 21
  • At least 4 of the 8 club-trained players must be attached to your club for a minimum of 3 years before turning 21
  • Only 2 non-EU players allowed on roster 
  • Loans of non-EU players are forbidden

Major League Soccer

  • Max squad size is 30
  • Limit of 8 international (non-US or non-Canadian) players on roster (homegrown players do not count against international cap)
  • Homegrown player must be a member of an MLS club academy before age of 16 and signs first contract with MLS or a USL affiliate
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Good question! I've been a lurker on this site before so new to writing anything here 😀

My goal for myself with these rules has been to win the league using the roster rules of the league.  (I'm usually also setting myself a goal to run the transfer amount up to at least X dollars -- which the roster rules can also make more challenging)  Would be totally interested in other ideas of what to add to this "challenge" if anyone has suggestions.

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Serie A

  • Squad cap of 25 (For players aged 22 and above)
  • A minimum of 8 Italy-based players, of which at least 4 must be club trained (Attached to your club for a minimum of 3 years before turning 21)
  • The 8 domestic players can also include players trained by other clubs (Attached to any Italian club for a minimum of 3 years before turning 21)
  • Either way, at least 8 players must be trained by an Italian club, yours or elsewhere in Italy.
  • Only 2 non-EU players allowed. By the same token, loans of non-EU players are forbidden. Non-EU wonderkids are also forbidden.
  • Club-trained Italians aged 21 and below do need not be registered, so use as many of those as you like.

My Pescara save - abiding by the rules above - is one of my all-time favourite saves, so it's nice to see more rules-based challenges here.

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