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Chat Best Bargains/Wonderkids?


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Guys, what are your personal favourite cheap buys or guys that you think are simply must-signs at their price point for this year's FMM?

Just started a save with Charlton, and wanted some tips for wonderkids/release clause bargains, preferably under 5mil. Cheers!

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Exequiel Palacios is always a staple in my teams. Costs under £10m and will be worth £100m+ in 5 years time. 

LOVES the AP role in CM. 

In FMM19 it was always Lisandro Martinez too as a class bargain CB but am yet to find one in FMM20 similar. 

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I always love to get bargains/free agents/buyouts etc for VNL/Lower Leagues Clubs . Most lists are too expensive as budgets allow maybe a big buy of under $1m for first couple years and same for free agents/buyouts can’t pay a play $1m in wages from lower leagues. Now u made thread hopefully we can dig some gems out . 

My favs from past years were:

Last year :

W J.Quintago Scottish 

ST C.Andrews English 


GK B.Scott USA 


Best FA AM/ST Djenepro now in EPL 

ST Y.Berisha cheap attacker not seen in game ?

ST Buitinik cheap attacker not seen in game ? 

LB Angelino cheap buy from Man City 

ST Yesil Arsenal /Germany 

Good ones before got big move too expensive now 

CM J.McGinn good midfielder used to be cheap 

RB C.Patterson play a ton of positions 

bunch more just forgot names or they huge now no point checking can’t afford em in 20 

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Palacios is very good and affordable

Alamada also a good option to buy and can play in lots of position either

Everton a very reliable back up player

McKenna could come less than £10M

Daniel Butterworth from Blackburn had been very good for me

Jonas Wind from Kobenhavn could come for £15M or less


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Rober from real hispalis I think there called. 1mill release clause. Plays RW 2 seasons in with man utd hes worth 17.5 mill now.

Ivan Martinez goalkeeper 875k these 2 I always buy.

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Several bargains I found in my Sunderland save.



Sotiris Papagiannopoulos - Centre-back - FC Kobenhavn

Tolga Cigerci - Central midfielder - Fenerbahçe

And last but not least

Jude Bellingham - Central midfielder - Birmingham

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The usual clubs are worth raiding (not exactly under 5m but bargains nonetheless), Dinamo Zagreb (Majer, Olmo, Livakovic), RB Salzburg (Ounuene the defender is outstanding) and Anderlecht all have wonderkids and quality players for cheaper than most other clubs/countries.

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Celtic are another club worth raiding

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