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Career Rise to the Top on a Freebie - Cockers2505

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Did only first catch up About now! What a great run - this truely looks very challenging - keep up the good work :)!

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15 minutes ago, Cockers2505 said:

Nothing special, but it works for me, the only thing I ever change is 'work into box' to 'shoot on site', mainly on away games





no explanation apart from I used it before in 2018 and it simply continued to work and in any league, simple


Thanks I will give it a try with my Doncaster team thanks for your help buddy. 😊

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On 06/01/2020 at 22:05, AndersJ said:

Did only first catch up About now! What a great run - this truely looks very challenging - keep up the good work :)!

Thanks Anders, it is actual a good challenge for myself, you see all the good work by others, which I truly a man impressed by, but they spend millions to get the results, which I understand that is what football is about, but!! Can you do the same without spending a penny?? 

I present this Challenge, and it's actually fun whilst doing it, I'm not getting as bored as some that I've done where you just win everything year in year out after buying all the regens

On 06/01/2020 at 22:13, LiamTaylor said:

Thanks I will give it a try with my Doncaster team thanks for your help buddy. 😊

Let me know how you get on, like I said it's something I have used before and I get enough success without having to change it! Let me know if you like or dislike

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Hi All, another quick update to keep this going.

So I am now the proud manager of a Premier Club, yes Crystal Palace from London.

As you saw above they ended the season mid table, with some work needing to be done.

Well I kicked off season 22/23 with a few freebies to get me going.


As you can see there is plenty of Talent simply let go by clubs who don't understand there own guys potential, well I do and as you will see these guys did me proud throughout a hard fought season.



As the season went by I add more to this initial list...










A couple of wins put me in the limelight, a win against Chelsea kicked this off to put me in the Semi final of the Carabao Cup..


2 goals in the last 10 minutes got through, but it ends there as I didn't make it any further...

Not so much in regards to a season update you say, but hold on, the end is what I wanted to share, now to remind anybody who is reading this for the first time, my success has been completely down to buying Freebies, either those on a free, or those let released by Bosnan transfers, so here goes the end of my first full season...

Achievement made...


Does this allow me to change my name to Jose Mourinho!!!!

One good year with Palace worked out well for me, earning the prestigious Manager of the Year award...



Then came the players...

First Angel Gomes who was let go by Manchester United...

Players' Player of the year


Players' Young Player of the year


Footballer of the year...


Andre Gray...

Takes top goalscorer of the Division...



Players' Team of the Year - We made up 4 positions...


League Table...

This is my delight, first season, yes I had some players, but I let a few of the better ones go to bring in my own type needed for my Formation, and well, they can be proud...


I'm happy with a Top 4 finish, the GA was a little ropey, something I will have to look at as the seasons go by.

Final Statistics...




So to finish off, 2 big player brought in on a FREE that changed the way this team played was...

Angel Gomes, trained him to be a more versatile IF, which paid me dividends in the end...


And Sheyi Ojo - Let go by Liverpool, another player who worked tirelessly as IF for me...


Anyway Season 1 of the Premiership over and a good one all round I would say...

Thanks as always if your reading this...

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Mad skills mate take a bow son , 

Done simpler challenges in last years game but failed short off , 

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That GA 😁 but you got them to the CL with a 4th spot, didn't expect that tbh. Once again, nice freebies on the loose there 👍

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On 08/01/2020 at 22:29, Hoeey said:

Mad skills mate take a bow son , 

Done simpler challenges in last years game but failed short off , 

Thank you Hoeey, it is a good challenge and i'm really enjoying it

On 08/01/2020 at 23:39, BatiGoal said:

That GA 😁 but you got them to the CL with a 4th spot, didn't expect that tbh. Once again, nice freebies on the loose there 👍

Ok ok don't rub it in, the GA could be better, but getting them into Europe is a big bonus 


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So to kick this season off, I am going to start with my Ghana Management which is to simply raise my profile...

African Nations...


Not so special, but came 3rd in the African Cup of Nations, this brought in some good results by my players...

Best Player of the tournament, including third - Thomas Partley & Joseph Aidoo

 Golden Boot Award - Raphael Dwamena




Season 2 of my crystal Palace Management.





Some good Results throughout the season, some to mention which did me well in the cup runs, my defence was still very weak which didn't help me keep the numbers conceded...


A good result to mention in the Quarter Final of the FA Cup, beating Man Utd 2-1 at Old Trafford. 

I didn't take it through the Champions League Group stage, again the defence was not strong enough to get good enough results, so I ended up dropping into the Euro Cup, at this stage getting to the Semi Final by beating Juventus (Zebra 2020) over 2 legs, in the Home leg I clinch a good 3-0 win, and with the 2-2 draw got me through to the Final.


A cancelled Goal by Paulo Dybala was the only scare by the away team, things didn't help in the 86th minute having Emre Can sent off, this was the final straw and helped me clinch the win.


Next was the Semi Final, drawn against Arsenal, which would not be an easy draw, with the League not going so well, I didn't expect to much out of this. 2 Legs followed, could I pull another miracle,

1st leg same beat them 1-3 giving me a good lead for the second leg.

A strong home win would help clinch the aggregate and get me through to the Final.

2 Goals by Andrej Kramaric clinched the win, Crystal Palace into the EURO Final at Hampden Park.


Didn't fully dominate, but the stats looked good at the Final whistle.


End of Season


Angel Gomes wins Young Player of the Year


Players' Team of the Year

Emerson, Traore and  Gomes makes up 3 of the positions


Gomes clinches English Footballer of the Year, got to be the best FREE player EVER!!!!


Tammy Abraham clinches the Top Goalscorer award with 22 Premier League Goals, my FREE striker Mariusz Stepinski clinching second.


Final League Table


A low 10th is disappointing, again the GA killed me, Freebies in the defensive area is not going to well so far, another season where to many conceded led to many defeats.


So who to mention this year, as always Free/Bosman players make up the whole of my Transfers In, but who makes the List of mentions:

Andrea Belotti - Fantastic Striker

Donny Van de Beek - Seriously, let go for free, what an addition to the midfield


Transfers In



Transfers Out



Final Stats

So the Managerial Statistics shows I have not spent a penny, so the Challenge is still going strong so far


The Last and Best part of this Update (well for me anyway)

EURO Final vs Chelsea

Full time whistle sounds, what a game, 2-2 with us taking the lead twice, only to concede in the 79th minute to push it to Extra Time.

Kick off in the first Half sees my young attacking midfielder Kian Flanagan clinch the winner, 


Final whistle goes, 19 shots to their 7 is what gets us the win, the EURO Cup is coming back to London and Crystal Palace...


Thanks as always for reading...

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On 10/01/2020 at 21:47, Rob said:

Really fun career. I’m glad I caught up with this. 👍

Thanks Rob, just thought it would be something different and not the norm I guess

Another Update

Finished the season with a poor GA again, but the EURO Cup win helped me change the disappointment to a good ending.

Season 3 starts as well as the end of Season 2, with a Cup win...

This time it was the EURO Super Cup, against Valencia 


We stated well with a goal in the 39th Minute, and then conceding just before half time.


We take the lead in the 65th minute, just after we get the advantage in the 48th with them going a man down, eventually winning the game in the 81st minute, 3-1 to end it...

So I take you to 21 games in, and another change is about to happen, but to where and with who you say??

That will have to wait, let me show the final pages of this period of this Challenge...

Where I left them, 21 games in and I was doing well, currently in 5th spot, with the highest GF at 52 goals in 21 games, but disappointment in the GA again, the highest in the top 10, just couldn't get the players in that area that I required.



Team Statistics

Highest Av R - All the top 5 players in the instance cost me ZERO, yep FREE


Malcom leading the way with 16 assists and Gomes not to far behind, all these as a IF's


Goals wasn't a problem with my 2 man strike force, Belotti and Icardi already in double figures this early in the season


Transfers made...





Who was the Stars of the Freebies whilst in charge of Crystal Palace 




Angel Gomes



Donny Van de Beek



Hamed Junior Traore 


Andrea Belotti



Granit Xhaka



Some of the players had the honour of making the top Elite - World Best XI 2025

Malcom and Van De Beek make the list


Anybody want to take a shot at who the next club is, I will explain my reasons for leaving Palace and why I took the up the offer...


Thanks for reading as always...



Edited by Cockers2505

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Great run, and it's unfortunate you're leaving The Palace behind. Tho very understandable when a club like Chelsea comes knocking 😉 

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5 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

Great run, and it's unfortunate you're leaving The Palace behind. Tho very understandable when a club like Chelsea comes knocking 😉 

What a plank I was not thinking about posting the Table above, but yes Chelsea

3 hours ago, MikeF said:

Chelsea - you didn't block out the 10th in the table bit haha.

Great career so far mate.

What a plank I was not thinking about posting the Table above, but yes Chelsea, thanks Mike

3 hours ago, Lord Danish said:

Impressive work there. Chelsea are the club and the reason maybe cause you’re a fan I guess

What a plank I was not thinking about posting the Table above, but yes Chelsea, I have taken them on due to being a bigger club anf=d a higher wage structure to encourage bigger and better players who could be leaving their clubs 

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Hi All, another Update to this interesting (to me) challenge I set myself, a little different than those out there in the Challenge Section, but why not give something a go that makes this game more of personal challenge, rather than the 'Norm' of simply playing for 4 or 5 seasons and the get bored due to having a full team of Regens, and then it get repetitive I guess, with this I might get a Regen that is worth looking at, but I won't know unless he is worth ZERO.

So moving on, I was a little bit of a Plank, yes posting the League table, and then asking who could it be when CLEARLY it says 10th position, meaning only Chelsea could be the team, yes, yes, I'm a thick Northern Monkey sometimes, so be it!!!

I had to take it, only for the prospect of larger wages, meaning more options for bigger players, yes I could of continued to bring up, Curzon, Carlisle or Palace, but as this challenge is all about getting the right players for FREE, I guess bigger clubs, bigger wage structures and then bigger players, well my analogy anyway.


Where are they at this stage, obviously desperate as they have offered me the job...

League Table - 10th Position, 20points behind the leaders Man Utd, with Liverpool just a point behind.


Current fixtures doesn't show a good picture, they have already lost 8 games out of the first 21 games, conceding nearly as much as they have scored throughout the first half of the season.


A recent bad run has seen them lose against 2 of the big clubs, and a draw at home against Man City, can I stop the rot (quick note, as you can see I beat them 4-0 with my Palace team only a few weeks before) or have I made a big mistake...

First Game - As you can see the first game is facing me is Arsenal in the Third round of the FA Cup, can the rot start here getting me through to the next round...

Final Whistle - What a start to my Chelsea career, my trusted Tactics that I have used (and not changed anytime) has not let me down, Jan Hurtardo wasn't being used as much as he should of, so I brought him in to play alongside Tammy, and with a World Class IF in Ledesma, we simply was to much in the end, showing our class with 15 shots to their 3. 


So I continued the season trying to get them to a reasonable league position for my first full season, along the way I continued to have success, as the next slides show...

Managerial Awards




We continued to have success throughout all avenues, especially in the Cup competitions...

The FA Cup was where I started beating Arsenal in the 5th Round, now it was the Final, I had fought off all the big boys to get my day at Wembley agains another big player, Man City...


Hudson-Odoi got himself a Brace, with Ledesma helping himself to a 54th minute goal, the game a little marred with Maatsen being given a straight RED in extra time, but by then the Cup was coming back home with us.


We was as you can see all over them in every area, possession was the main key in their game, and we had an abundance of it.

So the success of the FA Cup already highlighted the path this team is going, I had lifted the hearts of all Chelsea fans by bringing the first piece of Silverware, hopefully not the last, well certainly not yet, as we had just got ourselves through to the EURO Cup Final...

EURO Cup Final Vs AZ

Another well fought game at the State Roi Baudouin, this season has been turned around, have I made the right decision leaving Palace, this looks as though I have so far... 


Another brace by Hudson-Odoi and one from Tammy in the first half clinched it for us.


Possession was evens, but we had much more in regards to Shots, our 16 to their 4 is what made the biggest difference, obviously we took 3 of our chances, where their 4 wasn't even on target.

END of Season 1 - Chelsea

Fixture List (after Arsenal game) - So the Arsenal game was my first, and the AZ game was my last, and in all the games remaining I lost 2 of them, which is a good run considering they had lost 8 already before I took them over.





Final Standings

As you can see in my Managerial career, I finished the season in 7th which was a little disappointing, but it's a start and we can only see how the rest of my time will develop season after season...


Player Stats

Goals - Bringing in Hurtardo to the squad saw him score 19 goals alongside Tammy Abraham who simply wants to leave moaning constantly, I will see whether I can change his mind next season. Main strike force was Ledesma scoring from the IF role, which is fine with me as long as we win.

Assists - Not much to shout about, Reece James did well coming in from a right back position to set up 13, Ledesma scoring more than he assists

Av Rating - For a side who was quite low on Morale when I took over, did well to get a few decent strong 7.00+, always room for improvement.






Av Rating


Final Managerial Stats

Still not spent a penny, and reasonable success so far, can I win the League next year by getting more Freebies to strengthen the team, can I have the same success in the Cups, all will be revealed when I have more time for these updates...

Nothing to really report on the Ghana front, just a way to boost some managerial reputation.


Trophy Cabinet so far.

Not bad considering what this challenge is all about, not the usual buying low, and selling high, just to buy back for even lower the next day/week or season, just buying what looks good for FREE or those being released due to not being wanted, and so far with 5 cups, 3 league wins and 16 awards, I'm pretty impressed with myself if I do say so, I'm sure there is more tactical awareness people out there who could smash this out of the park and win everything in half the time, but it's all about enjoyment, and so far it's been brilliant and more challenging than anything I have done so far with this type of Managerial game since 1982 when I got my first Football Manager on the ZX81 and ZX82 (for those who remember it was a Sinclair) 


Thanks for reading anybody who is, recommendations and comments welcomed 😁...

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indeed. although i was on board when you were with the Eagles (my dad's team, many happy days at Selhurst), but i've hopped right off with that move to Chelski, ugh. but good luck to ya in any case :)

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