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Challenges Mesut Özil assist challenge


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This could take around 3 seasons, pretty much until the end of Özil’s career. Özil is a player I’ve always liked a lot to watch. At Real Madrid he got 80 assists and at Arsenal he’s still got a good number of 76 assists despite playing more games than at Real but in his defence has played with worse strikers. At 31 years old however Özil has slowed down, his assists have lessened in the last couple of years, so the objective is can you hit his 80 assists that he got at Real Madrid to see out the end of his Arsenal career? And basically make Mesut Özil great again 


  • Use Arsenal only
  • When you hit 80 assists the challenge is complete. On the leaderboard the lesser games you done it in, the higher you’ll be 
  • No cheating, reloading and all that 

Also if by some freak incident where Özil gets a 12 month injury, you can just holiday a year until he comes back but it makes it harder. Or worse if he retires earlier than expected, the score you’ve got will go on the leaderboard 

Have fun assisting 🙂


1. @SophiaFM 80 assists in 125 games

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Good fun for the 1st 1-2 seasons when he’s still at a great level, but after he becomes almost unusable overnight lol. Ratings go down. Corners and easy home games I only used him in basically in the 3rd season got him 20 assists in 32 games to get the magic 80

80 assists in 125 games. Under Jose Mourinho in reality he had played 159 games at Madrid to get 80 assists. Mourinho who are ya?!


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