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Tactics 433 by Don Dudi


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Hi guys!

I am sorry in the first place for my English. Now let's get to the main topic. I have been looking for a good and stable tactic for several weeks. I've been playing 4-3-3 for a few days and suddenly it has enlightened me. Slimzee22 helped me with his last post. I have found that 4-3-3 has potential and effects.

Depending on the opponent and the course of the match, I use the following variants of this tactic (shape): 

1. contain + balanced + normal + disciplined

2. defensive + balanced + normal + disciplined

3. contain + narrow + slow + disciplined

4. defensive + narrow + slow + disciplined

You can use FB instead WB and vice versa.

I'm happy with this tactic and will definitely try it on other teams. I am interested in your opinion.


screenshot_20191206-194231_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194245_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194254_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194301_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194308_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194327_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194416_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194430_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194521_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194528_fm20 mobile.jpg

screenshot_20191206-194540_fm20 mobile.jpg

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It could be relevant if you testet it and uploaded it with a team in the first season - i makes litttle sense showing what you can do with a tactic with a great team in 2027. Sorry to say 🤷‍♀️🙃

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