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Challenges The Galacticos Challenge

Kun Aguero

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The Galacticos Challenge


Started in the year 2000, after Real Madrid's President Florentino Perez started a policy of buying a superstar player every season, no matter how much money it would take, the Galacticos which had been separated into 2 eras, had been a team that every European teams fear. The first era of Galacticos, consist of 8 superstars, which are Luis Figo, Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo, David Beckham, Michael Owen, Roberto Carlos, Raul Gonzalez and Iker Casillas (some media didn't include Casillas in the Galacticos, but the more the merrier for the challenge). The first Galacticos managed to win the La Liga title twice, Spain Super Cup twice, UEFA Champions League once, and UEFA Super Cup once from 2001 to 2003, while the players set up some incredible record as well. 

Some of the players achievement :

Raul Gonzalez

Graduated from La Fabricia in 1994, playing his first match for Real Madrid with the age of 17, Raul Gonzalez was seen as the most successful youth graduate from Real Madrid's academy. Throughout his 16 years spell with the team, he managed to score 323 goals in 741 matches, being the club's all-time top scorer, with the record only been broken by Cristiano Ronaldo a few years ago. He also hold the record of most matches played for the team.

Roberto Carlos

Joining Real Madrid from Inter Milan in 1996, Roberto Carlos, known as one of the best left-backs in football, and a free-kick master, had played 527 games for the team, scoring 69 goals and 88 assists. Being voted as 2nd in Ballon D'or award in 2002, he's also one of the few defenders that had been so close in winning the award. With the 527 games played for the team, he also held the record of most games played for the team as a non-local player.

Iker Casillas

Known as "The Saint", Iker Casillas graduated from La Fabricia, and played his first game for Real Madrid in 1999, and had been the team's first choice goalkeeper for the next 11 years, only been kicked out of the team by Jose Mourinho in 2012. He had played 725 games of the team, keeping 264 clean sheets and only conceding 750 goals, and was one of the best goalkeeper in football.

Luis Figo

You don't usually see a Barcelona player moving to Real Madrid, but Luis Figo was one of them. Being the first superstar signing under Florentino Perez, he joined Real Madrid from Barcelona in a record-breaking 60 million transfer fee, and went on playing 245 games for the team, scoring 56 goals and 93 assists for the team in his 5 years stay in the team, and managed to win the Ballon D'or once.

Zinedine Zidane

Joining Real Madrid in 2001 from Juventus with a fee of 77.5 million, breaking the record set by Luis Figo just one year ago. Zidane was another legend for the team, not only on the pitch but beside the pitch as the club's manager. He had played 227 times for the team, scoring 49 goals and 67 assists during his 5 years stay in the team, before retiring in 2006 after the World Cup incident in Germany. He was also one of the few players to complete "grand slam", winning the FIFA's Best Men Player three times and the Ballon D'or once. 


Known as "the alien", joining Real Madrid from Inter in 2002 for a fee of 45 million, Ronaldo was known as one of the best player in football. Played 177 times for the club, scoring 104 goals and 34 assists during his 5 years spell for the team. He had also played for Barcelona, and had an even better record with 47 goals in 49 games as a 20 years old! Another player that have done  the "grand slam", winning FIFA's Best Men Player three times and Ballon D'or two times, with his first FIFA's Best Men Player won with the age of 20. 

David Beckham

Probably gaining more reputation because of his handsome face, David Beckham's achievement as a football player is still one that can't easily be denied. One of the members of the famous "Class of 92" of Manchester United, scoring an incredible 60m goal against Wimbledon, which started his career full of attention on and off the pitch. Joining Real Madrid in 2003 with a fee of 37.5 million, and playing as a right-midfielder, he had played 159 games for the team, scoring 20 goals and 51 assists. He's so close from winning the Ballon D'or, finishing second in the award in year 1999 and 2001.

Michael Owen

A product of Liverpool's youth academy, Michael Owen, often known as the "Golden Boy", played his first match for Liverpool at the age of 17 years and 143 days and scored his first goal in the same match, was one of the youngest player and scorer for Liverpool. He joined Real Madrid in 2004, but his time in Real Madrid wasn't that successful compared to the previous few of the Galacticos, playing 45 times and scoring 16 goals and 4 assists for the team, before returning to England with Newcastle.

With the 8 players of the first era of the Galacticos introduced, you may have know by now the structure of this challenge, simple enough, find your new Galacticos, and repeat their achievement.

1. Find your Raul Gonzalez

  • A Spanish striker (Bonus challenge : a Spanish striker from Real Madrid's academy, either still playing for the team or not)
  • Repeat Raul's incredible goal scoring record, have your new "Raul" earning his Real Madrid's all-time top scorer back by breaking CR7's 450 goals record.

2. Find your Roberto Carlos

  • A Brazillian left-back
  • Repeat Roberto Carlos's record in goals and assists, with your new "Roberto Carlos" scoring 69 goals and 88 assists for the team.

3. Find your Iker Casillas

  • A Spanish goalkeeper
  • Repeat Casillas record as one of the best goalkeeper for Real Madrid, have your new "Casillas" playing 725 games, and conceding not more than 750 goals.

4. Find your Luis Figo

  • A Portugese right winger (Bonus challenge : A Portugese right winger from Barcelona, tho there's only Semedo for you to choose)
  • Repeat Luis Figo record, have your new "Figo" scoring 56 goals and 93 assists.

5. Find your Zinedine Zidane

  • A French attacking midfielder (Bonus challenge : Use Enzo Zidane as your new Zidane)
  • Repeat Zidane's record, with your new "Zidane" scoring 49 goals and 67 assists.

6. Find your new Ronaldo

  • A Brazilian striker
  • Repeat Ronaldo's record, with your new "Ronaldo" scoring 104 goals and 34 assists.

7. Find your new David Beckham

  • An English midfielder (can be either CM, LM or RM)
  • Repeat Beckham's record, with your new "Beckham" scoring 20 goals and 51 assists.

8. Find your new Michael Owen

  • An English striker
  • Repeat Owen's record, with your new "Owen" scoring 16 goals and 4 assist

9. Recreate the success of the Galacticos

  • Win the UEFA Champions League & UEFA Super Cup at least once
  • Win the La Liga & Spanish Super Cup at least twice

Rules :

1. Load Spain and any other league.

2. Take over Real Madrid

3. Sign the 8 players needed for the challenge, or use those already in the team

4. Coach badges and reputations are allowed

5. No unlockables and editors

6. Any other challenge rules

No time limit in this one, challenge only considered complete once you complete all 9 of the above challenges.

That's all of what you are going to achieve in this challenge, some of those challenge may be easy. Winning La Liga and UCL, and got your new "Owen" scoring 16 goals and 4 assists, is just some easy achievement and can be completed in 2 seasons. However some may be tough and took a long time, the Casillas one may required more than 10 seasons, and the Roberto Carlos one that required 69 goals from a left-back may be very tough to hit, though the Raul challenge that required 450 goals can be consider easy with so many 1KC success in recent years. Anyway, thanks for reading and looking forward for someone to give this a go. Enjoy the game!

Leaderboard :


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1 hour ago, Lord Danish said:

🧐Looks fun and easy challenge except the Roberto Carlos one

Will took 9-10 seasons for the Casillas one, so maybe 7 goals a season from "Roberto Carlos" is enough to hit the 69 😀

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