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Challenges Camel's Alphabetical Anarchy


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This challenge (and soon to be career) is inspired by @Ashez Squad Number Challenge, @Taff Alphabet TT, and @Kanegan Journeyman Challenge

Welcome, to Alphabetical Anarchy!

This challenge will last a minimum of 25 seasons. To take part in this challenge you just take a club beginning with the letter A, and have to use a striker who's surname is also the letter A. Then with each goal, that striker must be replaced with another striker beginning with the letter A, then again and again.

After the first season, resign and join a team beginning with B and use a striker who's surname also begins with B and then continue in this alphabetical order.


As far as I'm aware only Xantha beginning with X. So don't need to complete that unless you really want the ultimate challenge.

If run out of strikers of a letter being completed, move onto midfielders, then defenders and goalkeepers. They MUST however still be played in the striker position.


Total points: no. strikers + goals scored / 2.

Also, any trophy = 5 points.


Coaching badges allowed. Starting reputation continental or lower. No unlockables except abolish transfer windows which is necessary. Good luck.



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I thought about something like this, but instead of the Club being Alphabetical, I thought 26 seasons where the PLAYERS had to have their FIRST or SURNAME beginning with the Letters, so first season Alan Hutton or Max Aarons etc, the full squad has A's first season, second season Bruno Jordao or Oscar Bobb etc

So each season get rid of all the team except the Letter of the Season, 26 seasons. You could even be crafty and but players with A & B, then B & C which would allow you to keep then for 2 seasons maybe.

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