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Career All that glitters is not gold


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All That Glitters Is Not Gold


A short bit of fun to welcome in the latest installment of FMM .

This has been a year or two in the planning but I have finally gotten around to doing it.

Let's dive straight in shall we.

The idea of this is to create a squad using things relating to Gold (but not Gold itself) and play the game in that spirit. This was always intended to be a short but sweet save with the idea of winning a domestic trophy. silverwear, you get  the idea now!

Loosely following the rules of the nations challenge where any player that doesn't fit the criteria (relating to gold in this instance) is sold or demoted to the reserves.

The team



It could only be City, owned by people who got rich from OIL also known as liquid gold. Boom, your following me now. The second reason for this choice was the current crop of players, they gave me a great starting point. Let's take a look at who survived being sold or demoted. 




A great start, 8 starters and 3 bench warmers . Now for the reasons they made the cut.


Walker - I'm partial to a bit of whiskey from time to time and I have been known to down the odd Jonny WALKER GOLD Label. Boom, you're in son.

Stones - Another word for DIAMONDS which like gold is used in jewelry. That'll do me.

Mendy - This is where we start getting a bit creative. A wise man once spoke the words "it's all about the Benjamin's". That wise philosopher was Puff Daddy, P Diidy, Sean Puffy Coombs and those Benjamin's related to the US $100 note that carries Benjamin Franklin's face on it. Gold like cash is used as a commodity. It's all about Benjamin Mendy baby.

Silva - both David and Bernardo,  I'm not going to insult you by explaining the link.

ZINChenko- look at the periodic table and you will find Zinc ZN alongside Gold Au. This was a little bonus and a last minute spot by myself.

Sterling - £ sterling for the mofo win. 

Gabriel Jesus - A double win here, Angels (Gabriel) have often been pictured with gold but the obvious is just smacking us in the face. What do we traditionally celebrate at this time of year? No not Liverpool having a meltdown and bottling the league, we celebrate Christmas and the birth (depending on your beliefs)  of Jesus. What was one of those 3 gifts given in the stable?

De Bruyne- I've saved my favourite until last. Google reliably informs me (Bati correct me if this is wrong) that De Bruyne means 'The BROWN one in Dutch. Brown is a colour and so is Gold. Take a seat KDB.


Angelino scrapes in by the tentative Angel link and Foden? Well he's the jewel of the city academy (come on, you can give me that surely).


Ok, I may have taken a shortcut in completing the squad but stay tuned because the fun is just about to start. Before we get to the GKs that have been added we have to look further.




Gold staff members, that's not in the spirit of this save.




That's better.


Time to start assembling a squad.



Thanks for reading so far. Back soon.

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"There is Gold everywhere, most people are not trained to see it" - Robert Kiyosaki

My question is, where did you get your training, Billy2?

You're right about De Bruyne (or de Bruine). This is definitely borderline nuts. It would take a nut to detect another nut and I know a nut when I see a nut. Billy, you nut! Nuts idea, love it 👍

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10 hours ago, AndersJ said:

Love the idea! im really looking forward to see the golddiggers you can get your hands on :D!


Plenty of gold diggers see the mighty city as their retirement cash cow. 

9 hours ago, BatiGoal said:

"There is Gold everywhere, most people are not trained to see it" - Robert Kiyosaki

My question is, where did you get your training, Billy2?

You're right about De Bruyne (or de Bruine). This is definitely borderline nuts. It would take a nut to detect another nut and I know a nut when I see a nut. Billy, you nut! Nuts idea, love it 👍

Nicely said Lord of the squirrels. 

8 hours ago, Kun Aguero said:

You do love those golden days with that old logo right? 😂

Great idea anyway.

Silva may be our magician but he’s not fit to lace the boots once worn by Kinkladze. Miss the days of Walsh and Rosler banging them in trying to keep us from being relegated. Again......

we’re not really here........

1 hour ago, Foxy said:

Love how you have picked the players to keep, not contrived in any way :P I look forward to seeing who you can shoehorn in to fill t he squad.


Just pot luck mate, finger in the air way to choose a club 😏

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Defence is the best form of attack 


We move on to the guy's who will make or break our season. The GK and the defenders. 

Ederson was sold to PSG on the cheap, Carson's loan was terminated and Bravo found a home at the Saints. Kyle Walker was looking at me anxiously but he need not worry, a hero was just about to swoop in and rescue the day.

None other than Superman himself, the man of .......


Gold being a metal alongside this bad boy.


Unfortunately things took a slight detour at this point and I was almost sacked. Apparently the fans, senior players and the board don't like selling your marquee players for peaNUTS (just for you Bati).

I needed to act fast or be defeated before kicking a single ball. My response was swift but a tad predictable. 



Listen, it's not my fault his birth certificate miss spelled his name by missing the C out. oBLACK pleased the board and kept me in a job.


Who will play in front of the keepers then?

I was stuck on colours but also couldn't get the man of Steele out of my mind. Then the perfect player crept into my thoughts.



Jan VERTonghen. The man obsessed with superman and shows this when he scores. But how does this link to gold billy? I have mastered the French language having achieved a GCSE grade E in French 20 years ago. We all know Vert means the colour green in French don't we?


Next I hear you cry. Ok then let's keep this flower growing. And by flower I mean



Danny makes the squad thanks again to the jewelry link of Rose gold. You can get rose gold bracelets and necklaces and don't forget 



Rings! The least said about this player the better.


For the final player in the defensive department,  we need to take this high brow. Bringing to vibe a touch of the Arts, well someone has to. I love a good movie and what really makes a good film is the music score that goes with it. One man springs to mind on this when thinking along those lines and thankfully his contributions to gold linked films are almost countless.

Pirates of the Caribbean (pirates love the shiny stuff)

The prince of Egypt (pharaohs decorated in gold within the tomb)

The Thin RED line (colour)

BLACK hawk down


BLACK rain etc etc


Yes that's right, it's Hans Zimmer(mann)




Thanks for reading. Back soon.

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Attack is the best form of attack!


Time to invest in the guys that will create and score our way to the top.


Who appears on the $5 Dollar Bill?


That's correct, it is Tammy Abraham Lincoln. Gold like money was/is used for the transaction of goods and services. 

Side note. This whole sorry thread is actually a failed 1K / Triple Threat starring this guy.



Whilst on the subject of money


Ok, I've flogged the cash link to death I get it. Time to add a little more sparkle


Nearly finished,  I promise. Returning to the colour link allowed me to bring back a fans favourite, Alvaro NegREDo




Now, if you were to add all the cash and gemstones together you may well be our final player. You could be a Maxamiianaire!




*Not my tactic. Illustration just for this thread.





Thanks for following .

Edited by billy2shots
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On 12/12/2019 at 19:42, billy2shots said:

Defence is the best form of attack 

Came across a lad in my save that's absolutely tailor made for your challenge. I can't use him unfortunately but you're more than welcome to use him. No need to thank me. 


His name fits the bill, doesn't it? 

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