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Career The Second Advent: A 1KC


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The Second AdventA 1KC

Hey guys! Guess who’s back? Many of you’ll would remember me from late 2017. And if you don’t, go back to FMM17 and check me out! Anyways, it’s the end of my FMM hiatus. I started playing the game again earlier this month. 

After a short while i started a Leeds Utd career where I have attempted to bring them from Rags to Riches. I was largely successful in my conquest, and now, roughly 11 seasons in the save has gotten a bit boring. But I felt it would be a real shame if I ended the save here. That’s when I had the idea of beginning a challenge.

 Of course, the first one to mind was my much admired 1KC. Once i had this idea, I started experimenting with tactics because I knew the Total Football tactic I was working with, would not even get me close to the 1000 goal milestone. So I spent the last season experimenting with my tactics, while my chosen candidate was quickly discovered and brought into my reserve team. 

The title of this career is not to signify my return, but the return of Jesus. No, not God Almighty. I’m talking about Gabriel Jesus. Presenting to you our 1KC candidate:

Our Candidate:



I compared the positions of our candidate to Gabriel Jesus and it was the exact same. Not only that, but this boy was also at the top of the Scout Report list so I brought him in just before I decided to do the 1KC. It was just meant to be! 


Just to keep things honest here, the goals he has scored in the previous season were all in the reserves and were not under my management- thus, they will not contribute towards the total 1KC score. 


So guys, I have yet to start this season but will do so very soon. I hope you’ll will follow me on my journey! Have a good day!


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